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    I ordered two of these blankets one to carry in my day jump bag and one to test. These blankets are a hundred time tuogher than the old space blankets. They are just as easy to store in a jump bag, and don't really take up any more space. When being taken out they don't make as much noise and they are reusable easy to fold back up and compress back to it small storage size. It is 56" x 84" weight is 2.9oz reflects 90% of body heat wind and water proof. The package also show it as being used as a shelter, ground tarp and gear cover. After hanging the blanket out in the rain for three days with rain, sun the blanket was still in one peice and folded up with no problem. My second test was I put it in the freezer over night took it out unfolded it no problem Folded in fours with a strand of TP in the center sprayed it on and off for several hours and still dry. I had bought this one to test and then figured I'd have to through it away. Well the blanket is still in perfect shape so it is in my vehicle now.

    Amazon $8.00 1 person


    Amazon $11.00 2 person

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    a link would be helpful please....

    Link to purchase location online if available that way. If you have a direct monitary connection to the site, please just PM me. Thanks
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    No I don't have any connection with the product. I just copied and pasted the picture from amazon. Just was really impressed with the product and wanted to share with the Monkey's. I got mine through Amazon it took 3 days and I had them.
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    When I first saw the SOL brand of emergency gear I actually laughed. Growing up when I wanted some ridiculous item my dad would always ask me how much money I had. When I'd say I had none he'd look at me and say, 'well it looks like you're SOL'. $*!% outa luck... Hate to spend as much as they ask for their kits only to find out I'm SOL when the time to use it is actually at hand!

    Their products do look decent but I've never been able to lay the money down for their kits & tools knowing that the items I already have to fill my home made kits are proven effective.

    Adventure Medical Kits - Pocket Survival Pak PLUS

    $80??? Really?

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    They make a reasonable priced bivey bag as well (i am not in any way associated with the SOL company...)
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  7. Their bivi bag is actually pretty acceptable over a space blanket.

    Not durable, but for short term emergencies beats heck out of the space blanket.

    IMHO, throwing a few blankets, a set of durable seasonal appropriate cloths and shoes into the vehicle for each person is just as common sense as having tools and repair parts. (Both of which I do.)

    My kids used to get frustrated with me making them load their cars with similar until they needed a jump start, a tire plugged and inflated(air compressor and fix a flat per vehicle) or (as is typical in the south) the 60 degree hot weather dropped to 30 degrees after dark and they ended up out somewhere past the expected return time.

    Just open the trunk and pull out a jacket and maybe a bottle of water and some munchies and go on about your business.

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    I do have some of the space blankets, emergency blankets, and reflective tarps for automotive kits and added comfort for home kits, but I favor 100% wool blankets over anything else. Even a blended wool blanket is wise to have, but pure wool is an amazing natural resource. I often buy military wool blankets to add to the storage.
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    Thanks for the blanket test info. I'm gonna pick one up.
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    Would you prefer a bivy bag or space blanket?
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    Where can I get a reasonably priced, good quality 100% wool blanket?
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    I keep a couple of the old silver one use ones in my aid kit, these look a lot better thanks
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    If you keep an eye on some of the military surplus places every now and then they get some German Military wool blankes I have several. Very well made I think the ones I picked up a few years ago was around $15.00 each they are a little more now but compared to the price of the US and Swiss Military balnkets not a bad price and same if not better quality.
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