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    While I was puttering around my shop I realized that I haven’t seen a list of tools that a prepper needs to have on hand so here goes a few… Please add on….

    • Carpenter’s hammers x2
    • Set of screwdrivers
    • Wrench set both metric and standard (open and box ended)
    • Ratchet set (standard and metric, add frequently used spares)
    • Pry bars various lengths
    • Crow bars various lengths
    • Axes X2
    • Sledge hammer + wedges
    • Hatchet X2
    • Auger + bits (Brace and bits)
    • Hand drill + bits
    • Come-a-long X2
    • Pulley sets
    • Chains various types and sizes
    • Shovels X2 (flat and pointed)
    • Spades
    • Post-hole diggers
    • Vices
    • Anvil
    • Vice grips X 3-4 (various sizes)
    • Pliers x3 various sizes
    • Needle-nose pliers x 2
    • Plumber’s wrenches x 3 sizes
    • Fencing pliers
    • Tin snips
    • Saws (bow saw + blades, hack saw + blades, cross cut, key hole, 2 man lumber saw)
    • Sharpening tools
    • Planes, spoke shaves, & draw knives
    • Pick axe
    • Breaker bar
    • High-lift auto jacks x2
    • 10 ton hydraulic jacks
    • Chain hoist
    • Buckets
    • Cord
    • Hoses & clamps
    • Assorted fasteners (screws, bolts, nails…)

    • Wheat grinder
    • Meat grinder
    • Assortment of knives
    • Sharpening tools
    • Pressure canners
    • Large pots x3
    • Large pans
    • Kettles
    • Dutch ovens x 3
    • Funnels
    • Can openers x4
    • Cork screw
    • Assorted jars and lids (quarts, pints, ½ gallon, gallon etc…)

    Ok what did I miss?
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  2. Sapper John

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    Let me try again.How about a fro and an adz?
  3. ColtCarbine

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    Other equipment for rigging/lifting and moving heavy objects:

    Nylon straps and slings, steel and wooden wedges, Sch. 40 and Sch. 80 (3/4" & 1") pipe rollers, wooden rollers, shackles, eye bolts, bottle jacks, screw jacks, pinch bars (railroad bars), pry bars, wrecking bars, cats paw, wonder bar (flat carpenters bar), scissor jacks, chain binders, pallet jack, Johnson bar (pry tuck)
  4. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    Pulleys of various types (see post on simple machines basic tools: pulleys | Survival Monkey Forums
    Come-along Amazon.com: Neiko Heavy-Duty 5-Ton Come-a-long Power Puller - 3 Hooks and 2 Gears: Home Improvement
    Hi-Lift Jeep jack (can be used as come-along) Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack, 60" Inches, (Silver) HL-XT605
    Assortment of chains/tow-straps Hi-Lift Off-Road Accessory Kit ORK
    Floor jacks (x2) for 4x4s
    T-post stepper T-Post Stepper the ultimate fence climber
    Buckingham spurs/saddle/strap Tree Stuff - Economy Tree Removal Kit
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  6. CATO

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  7. Silversnake

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    They work well. A SWAT breecher/friend of mine uses it to pop doors during forced entry and my father has one in his body shop which is used for all kinds of stuff.
  8. kckndrgn

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    I have a set similar to this:
    Shop Kobalt 46-Piece 1/4" and 3/8" Thru-Ratchet Socket Set at Lowes.com

    Allows me to not need a deep well socket as often, the downside is the tools are a bit fatter than normal. I have been using my set for just over a year now and it has worked great.

    There is an adapter to allow the use of a "normal" 1/4" or 3/8" socket as well.
  9. Silversnake

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  10. ColtCarbine

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    Portable gas axe

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  11. jollyrodger13

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    preppers toolbox

    I probably have at least 95% of the stuff listed by everyone on this forum!
    I collect old tools of yesteryear, so I have a good selection of hand powered tools for just about anything, (grinders/drills/etc.). I just love yard sales & flea markets!!:p If TSHTF happens what I don't have I should be able to procure easily enough!:D
  12. VisuTrac

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    Tape Measure
    Plumb bob
    Nails, Lots of freaking nails.
    sickle or scythe.
    glass cutter
    multiple breaker bars and pipe to fit
    1/2 inch drive sets of metric and SAE impact sockets in deep and standard
    wrenches for the same above.
    balance or scale for weights.
    and propane torch kits

    Cast Iron pans/pots/ etc.
    lots of flat ware
    cheese grater
    coffee mill
    pyrex measuring cup
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  13. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    Something i realized yeaterday evening... spare handles for your tools... (broke a hoe handle)

    added to my list:

    potato diggers
    wheel barrows
    hand trucks
    spray tank with spare o rings (lots of these lil' buggers)
    rat traps mouse traps
    feed sacks
    wash tub
  14. gejoat

    gejoat Monkey+

    Here are some other things you might want to add in no particular order.
    Tire pump
    Tire repair plugs, patches and glue
    Pick, similar to mattock but different
    2 wheel cart, instead of a wheelbarrow; think in terms of oriental rickshaw design
    Assorted brush and grass scythe blades
    Assorted wood chisels
    Assorted metal, and stone chisels
    Wood Mallets to use with above chisels and other places
    Stone or star drills
    Lots of twine, rope, and wire
    Staples for fencing
    Enough shovels and hoes for 1/person
    Analog multimeter for checking electrical and batteries
    Pipe threaders
    Tap and die set both inch and metric
    Sharpening tools/holders to use with your stones when sharpening
    Spud bar to use with your posthole digger
    Taper bar to set post
    Blacksmithing tools, anvil, blower/bellows, forge, ect
    Wood splitting maul
    Metal and wood/ aluminum/plastic wedges for felling and splitting wood

    Hand ear corn sheller for field corn
    Hand crank seeder
    Leather working tools, needles, thread, ect
    Old singer treadle sewing machine, needles, thread, fabric and patterns

    Lots of canning jar flats both regular and widemouth depending on your jars
    Tea strainer to use with tea and herbs
    Mortar and pestle
    Assorted different size coffee filters to be used for strainers later
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    This thread deserves another look I just trimmed about 9 empty posts from it.
    We shall hereafter refer to that unfortunate empty post period as the Days of the Stolen Tongues.
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