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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by snowbyrd, Jan 25, 2007.

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    :dunno: where I couldn't find it, but it was about wether or not there are more people preparing for Stuff to happen. What I have noticed in the last few years is that the focus of preparedness has changed. Not too long ago it was the Y2K thing, then the 'Suitcase Bomb' thing. Now it is the 'Flu' thing. It is allways the NWO thing for us [tinfoil101] [flag] type people. Hey, they gotta comercial on TV that says if ya' don't use a Check card you slow everyone else down.... Ponder that one! I do travel and preach survivalism, for me it is a way of life, not a hobby or??[soap] Onward,[touchdown] no I have not noticed more people, just a different focus on why to and what to prepare for. Hey I wanna know what ya'll seen over the years, changes in aditudes, types of preps, length of preps ect... snowbyrd[deadhorse]
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    OK ntx
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    Since I've retired I watch a lot of CNN. That may not be good for my mental health. After Katrina I slowly started to add to food stocks and look for a way to supply water to the house without electricy. I have been surprised by the number of local people I have tallked to who are quietly worried and doing the same thing without being vocal about it.

    Quotes of interest: I put everyting in jars instead of the freezer.
    I have the above ground water well with a bucket on the back porch.
    My son-in-law is a policman in ______ and he said to make sure I have a gun in the house.
    My wife and I are looking for something in the country out of town, the way things are getting. (Town of 17000).
    These are the same people who shrugged off the Oct. missile crisis in "62 and ignored Y2K. These are stoic people who have seen hard times and two wars; not easily shaken.

    If it walks like a duck, flies like a duck, has feathers like a duck.....

    Retired history teacher ----wondering if this is the mood of the country as a whole. What happens when average people don't have any confidence in the government? Germany, 1933?
    My son is planning to move back from an urban area within the next year or two; my corporate son-in-law thinks I'm certifiable (but bought a fast vehicle to get my grandchildren out in a hurry) and plans to send them here if necessary.We live in interesting times.
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    Ferraris get stuck in trafficjams too, I hope that fast vehicle has "Sikorsky", "bell"or "hughes" written all over it. Otherwise hes fooling himself...ask anybody who ever tried to evacuate Anywhere...( barrier island or mainland; i.e.katrina)...
    I generally think travel is a bad idea; unless Godzilla just stepped on the house,. By the way welcome aboard "old teacher":)
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    Ntx?[dunno] :):)...[flag](ntx isn't defined yet, but these are pretty close:
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    [LMAO]that what yer talkin about[LMAO][LMAO]???

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    I started preparing as a survivalist in the late 70s. What prompted me to begin learning the skills I needed to survive was the birth of the corporate farm and the death of the family farm. There was talk of money being replaced with electronic cards and even machines that would dispense cash from your bank account or line of credit, but nobody really believed that this would ever happen. Some people spoke about corporations even controlling what foods would grow, saying they could use weed-killers and create a strain of seed that would be immune to it so everybody would have to buy a certain type of seed. There was talk of enhancing breeds of livestock to produce chickens that would mature in a couple of months, hogs that would be virtually free of fat, and cattle that would produce more milk and all of these genetically enhanced animals could be patented and controlled by corporations. My own father encouraged me to quickly establish a good credit history so I could be indebted to the system for my entire life with mortgages and credit cards and the ability to buy a new automobile every few years and never completely own them. I saw the development of "the grading curve" developed as an off-shoot to force integration of our public schools. I watched the slow and painful death of education as it drowned by teaching social conformity and tolerance rather than knowledge. I watched a whole generation of a race being given a free ride and preferential treatment rather than the equal opportunity they so deserved. I watched political correctness replace honesty and affirmative action replace dilligence. Orwell's 1984 happened around 84 but only now are most of us beginning to realize it. Y2K didn't change my attitude or system in the least nor will the threat of Armageddon or the NWO or some rare pathogen. I intend to survive.
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    Interesting time in history to step back and look around...
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    I had to copy that one in my notes Seacowboys..... nice rant.
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