A review of the TBS "The Bush Craft Store" foldingLock Blade.

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Macey81, Apr 2, 2016.

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    I have a billion knives. The vast majority of which have about zero practicality. But i really like all kind of blades and have a collection of gimmicks and bad designs. That i love, despite that they are virtually good for absolutely nothing, in realistic terms. regardless of whether i actually use them.

    In reality and most obvious to most of the people here im sure. Is that quality blades are designed to preform very specific tasks. Out of necessity. Because of consequences rendered by the process involved in balancing the steel or gearing it to posses a particular "hardness"/"toughness ratio. (though it would be nice to have the universal blade. No such thing actually exists in reality.)


    This is my go to knife when i need a bottle opener. Its also a good knife to use as a can opener. And it also has a compass just in case i cant find my way to the bathroom for whatever reason LOL Finely crafted jimping covering nearly the entire spine. For that extra touch of mind boggling uselessness.
    ..Just kidding, what self respecting "survivalist" dosnt own a Rambo stile knife
    Anyway, The TBS...... I decided whimsically. That i would purchase this blade. I dont use folding knifes very often. It K720 Carbon Toolsteel. has a moderately thick spine.

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    Looks like a fine toy...waiting on the review?
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    (sorry,bout that im in the midst a few things. im working on it.)


    Mainly, i simply wanted to mention. Most importantly, that though the TBS is advertised as having a "scandi" grind. In this picture it does look like flat Gring, but you would have to see the blade in person. Its 100% a convex gring. a scandi bevel is perfectly flat and the primary and secondary bevels are a single grind.(i dont use scandis anyway) and It is in fact, a scandi style/single bevel convex edge. And after the blade began to loosen up. I noticed a very slight wobble in the blade. I dont have a whole lot of experience or knowledge of folding knives. Anyway, it still seems moderately sturdy. and does have a lifetime warranty. the fact it was advertised as a scandinavian single bevel (flat grind) and then turned out to be a convex really gets under my skin a little though.

    ..theres more too. but i have to go at the moment.

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    A Scandi edge with a secondary bevel is very common and most manufacturers make them this way to prolong the sharpness and add strength to the edge. This especially comes in handy for folding knives, in which a Scandi grind is just not typical or practical because folders are most commonly utility blades and not intended for traditional bushcraft tasks (despite the fact that any knife can serve these purposes to a varying extent). If your blade is more of a convex grind, that's a good thing. As far as folders go, a strong convex steel blade can prove to be very handy and serve a wide range of use. You would have to only become accustomed to sharpening the convex edge, as opposed to a standard utility bevel or classic Scandi grind, and this takes time and a little practice. The advantages to a convex edge is that it will bite deep and retain a good edge at various tasks, and many hunters prefer this over a Scandi grind because it is more rugged and it cuts deeper than a utility edge which has a steeper and harsher profile leading to its apex.

    Reading up on the steel of these knives, they appear to be heat treated by Bohler, who are fantastic and also serve Strider and many custom knife makers. I own a custom skinner in D2 treated by Bohler which was made by Chuck Richards, and it is a great blade with a full convex edge.

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