A rocket just fell very near my house

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by MicroBalrog, Dec 30, 2008.

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    92nd Psalm blessings on you and yours. Any intuitive ideas about Hamas in Lebanon getting into the action?
    Laus Deo
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    Note to self, don't move to Israel and certainly not Palestine. Sheesh, and I worry about SHTF here in the states.

    Shalom Aleichem, may you and your family find safety.
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    The Hez is not likely to be getting into it at this stage - at least that's how our media has it.

    Multiple rockets fell in and around Ashdod today - the media say nothing hit within the city itself, but locals insist two rockets hit in certain industrial areas within Ashdod.
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    Stay safe and thank you for the updates!
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    I'm new to the forum. Actually this is my first post. Rest assured my prayers are with you, your love ones and your country. I will never understand how anyone can look at your county and say you are in the wrong. I guess they never had a rocket land in their neighborhood. Keep the faith. Question - how are the gun laws in Israel? Is there private ownership and if yes what can you own?
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    Essentially they're a modification of British Mandate era laws - the Firearms Act is a sheet of paper that says 'And the Ministry of Interior shall determine what a gun is and who can have one'. For the last two decades they had an EXTREMELY anti-gun policy, to the point that practically nobody can even have handguns. There's about 200,000 licenses on issue in the entire country, most of them for pistols.

    If you jump through all the hoops, the most common license limits you to one pistol and fifty rounds of ammo. On the up side, the license also doubles up as a carry license, so you can carry openly or concealed almost everywhere.

    This and the high costs of ammo has left two results:

    1. People barely train. I once did an article for a US gun magazine about pistol shooting in Israel and interviewed an instructor for it - he said people barely shoot at all except to qualify for the license or for renewals.

    2. Most people who can get a gun carry it openly. Full-sized semi-autos are the most popular, with Glocks taking the lead by far, despite Austria refusing to export them here. This means a Glock in Israel can go as far as $1000 new.
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    Another rocket fell here today - judging by the sound, rather close. The media reports it fell 'between a school and a kindergarten'.

    The post offices adopted 'special hours' of work, which means they're only open until about 14:00. No evening opening hours. Some shops are closing entirely.
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    The MSM indicates your government is getting serious about rubbing out Hamas. Not a bad thing, but how to tell when the job is done? That's the part that has us anchored in Afghanistan and Iraq, and basically rubbed our noses in Viet Nam. When the enemy doesn't observe the "need" for uniforms, it's hard to tell who to shoot at unless they are shooting at you and you see it. Trouble with that is obvious.
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    Good luck to you. You and your countrymen are in my prayers.


    "Civilize the mind, but make savage the body."
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    Well i believe that if this works, then I suggest we follow suit
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    A unilateral ceasefire was declared tonight. So much about being serious.
  13. Akheloce

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    I hear that Hamas didn't get the message though...
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