A simple water filter.

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    @Yard Dart asked for pics on this, so a thread is the easiest way to do that.
    I ended up with a few inline water filters for refrigerator ice makers/ water Despensers. They are limited to a 1/4" water line, so that had to be the supply line, but it is weight of water that determines how fast if will pass the filter, so I went with a 5/8" line from the raised feed bucket through a 3/8" into 1/4" near the filter. (I could not find a straight conversion from 5/8-1/4" so it was done in steps.)
    Starting with two food grade 5gal. Buckets, the feed bucket was drilled with a step drill to the right diameter(trial and error) then a rubber grommet installed in the hole.
    Two large washers were drilled to sandwich the rubber grommet and just fit over the threaded brass shark bite tubing fitting. The brass threads were then covered with Teflon tape, and screwed into the rubber grommet. The companion brass fitting and matching inside washer complete the tubing installation.
    The water filter just pushes onto the 1/4" feed live (watch that flow direction is correct) and each replacement will also just push on, not tools required. The second piece of 1/4" feed line feeds directly into the reciever bucket. And filter just hooks onto the receiver bucket with a hook made from a wire coat hanger. At this point it is a water filter, however to make it better, I cut a rough piece of deneer fabric from another project's scrap, to act as a particle filter. Using a soccer ball for shaping, and a bungie cord, I formed a strainer in the top of the feed bucket. This is easily flushed clean and will allow water though, and very little else.
    This feed bucket can now be fed from a gutter downspout, by just hanging it in position where the downspout would go. The receiver bucket will feed half gallon clear flat juice bottles, that will lay flat and without rolling, for sunlight to be used for UV.
    I also have the tablets for purifying water.




















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    Well, that was easy!! [winkthumb] Gives me an Idea...[cow]
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    That gives me a idea I was thinking about last week thanks
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    You can build your own "Berkey" with two 5 gallon buckets, two Berkey filters, and a spigot. Set one on top of the other lid, drill through bottom and lid of the lower, place filter nipples through the holes(comes with gaskets), and tighten the nuts on the bottom of the lid. Install the spigot in the lower bucket and you have a $200 Berkey for about $100. Only yours holds 5 gallons of water, is "collapsible", and can be used as a supplement to your BOB equipment. We used two on a bug out exercise with about 40 people and used creek water. We kept them "cooking" and never ran out of reliable water.
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    The last photo is the collapsed view. And my version cost about $10. For the tubing and fittings. The rest was a free bee.
    Each carriage is good for @750 gallons, if I recall correctly.:)
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    I keep hearing about this and doggonit, I need to just bite the bullet and do it. Do you just use the black filters?
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