AAAA batteries from 9v batteries

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    AAAA batteries are one of those things that don't require the SHTF to make them hard to find. The little 1.5v batteries are not in common use, but if you are a flashlight nut like me, you probably have some tiny light that uses them as a power source. In my case it's the Streamlight Stylus. I have completely worn the finish off more than one and lost more than I care to remember.

    So out of desperation one day, I tore open a standard 9v battery and found it contained six 1.5v batteries that were the same diameter and voltage as the AAAA batteries I needed. They lack the commercial end cap on the positive (+) end, so this end is just flat. This makes them just a tad shorted, but it has been easy enough to stretch my flashlights springs slightly to make up this distance.

    Since a picture is often worth a thousand words, here are three.



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    AAAA batteries are easy to find on Amazon, as are the tiny pen light you like, and chargers for some of the AAAA battery types. Why not stay prepared before all your on hand batteries are dead.
    Streamlight 65018 Stylus 3-AAAA LED Pen Light, Black with White Beam, 6-1/4-Inch - Basic Handheld Flashlights -
    . aaaa batteries
    . ESYB 6 Bay/Slot A, AA, AAA, AAAA, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger: Home Audio & Theater
    Okay I stand corrected on part of what I said above. It seems rechargeable AAAA batteries are rather hard to find. AA and AAA certainly do exist in rechargeable types. You might want to check into whether Alkaline batteries for sure, cannot be recharged. I am a child of the 50s and NI-MHD and Li-OD did not exist back then. However battery chargers for AA, C, D cell batteries did exist. Why could alkaline batteries be recharged back then and not today?
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    My local tool shop carries the Lipo versions, and while not cheep, they can be recharged, if you use a smart charger! I have also had luck with hobby shops or on line at hobby dealers for odd ball or hard to source batteries!
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