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  1. melbo

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    SO you have Food and Water all set:

    I was making a list today of things I still need. Some of these I once had and used up, others I hadn't ever stocked up on.

    All of these items are future barterable or can be consumed normally.

    Toilet Paper, Lots of it.
    Here's 80 Rolls of 'Premium' for $44

    Diapers... lol, .13 a diaper in bulk. Get you friends /family in on this Truckload

    Female Products
    500 cnt Box for $79

    Bulk Coffee!!! 25 lb sacks of roasted bean($3.50 to $25 a lb)

    Pet Food, (Haven't found a true bulk deal yet)

    Of course their is always Bleach and more canned goods to pick up as well.
  2. melbo

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  3. monkeyman

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    Dont forget about nails for all the repairs and new projects that would be needed like say an out house and whatever and cable for snares, clothes lines and so on. Nuts, bolts, washers and screws wouldnt be a bad thing either. Loads of white gas/naptha/coleman fuel or whatever you want to call it for cooking on camp stoves and lanterns and such. Lamp wicking for oil lamps, a basic oil lamp can be made out of any jar with a metal lid if you have the wicking (denim works in a inch) and kerosine/lamp oil/desil fuel to run the oil lamps. Propane would be a big one too and aside from the 1 pound bottles if you get the attachment to refil the 1 pounders from 20 pound grill bottles or from 100 pound bottles then can buy it in bulk and refill bottles from that. Loads of PVC pipe and fittings along with cement for them and such for those who have a means of running water from a tank set higher than the house to still have running water and garden hose for siphoning from barrels and such for others. Plastic and tarps for repairing windows and roofs and such. Bath soap and shampoo. Well that would be a few off the top of my head anyhow. :D [beer]
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    In a truly barter situation, the old cloth diapers would be a good bartering or using item rather than disposable diapers.

    Sure they have to be manually washed, but when they are the can be reused rather than pitched. Did this with 4 children. Disposable are really nice but irreplaceable.

    One size fits all and when done you can barter them to someone else.

    Just a thought IMHO

    Oh and maybe plastic pants but those had to be sized
  5. ChemicalGal

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    Melbo wrote Of course there is always Bleach and more canned goods to pick up as well.

    Bleach loses it's strength over time, could I suggest Calcium Hypochlorite. Dry form of bleach. Where bleach is at full strength 5 to 6% available chlorine. Calcium Hypochlorite is 65% available chlorine in a stable form.

    Calcium Hypochlorite granular is used for water treatment in small water plants. it is the same stuff that you can get for swimming pools in smaller than 100# containers. you would be able to mix up what you need, when you need it and could be used for barter.

    Add to water, don't add water to it. Needs to be kept in a dry (not necessarily cool) location.

    If you choose to go with this would suggest the cases of jugs. That way you only open one at a time. And that may be the only way to buy it, i'm just used to 100# drums to water departments.

    Now you know how I chose my handle
  6. E.L.

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    Good info!
  7. ChemicalGal

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    Toilet paper

    Melbo wrote Toilet Paper, Lots of it.
    Here's 80 Rolls of 'Premium' for $44

    Boy I am a posting fool today. Checked it out. those are single rolls of 400 sheets I think you can do better at the Dollar Store on in house sales at Grocery stores for double rolls in 12 packs for about .50 to .60 cts a roll (those figure out to .55 cts a roll single so you are really paying 1.10 for 2 rolls)

    Just MHO
  8. ghostrider

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    DD Form 1, Toilet paper is not an advanced prep, it is a necessity.
  9. ghrit

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    Or a stack of old Sears catalogs will do in a pinch. Soak and dry, makes the paper a bit less slick, gets more mess per pass. As to real TP, don't buy any in bulk unless you've tried it and know you like it. Some of that commercial stuff would stand in rather nicely for sandpaper or a writing tablet... ;)
  10. E.L.

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    As seen on the wall of a truck stop bathroom "This toilet paper is like John Wayne, Rough, Tough, and Don't Take Sh*t Off Nobody!"

  11. ChemicalGal

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    Hi all, on the TP thing, went to Aldi's today, they had their double rolls (good TP) on for 12 rolls for 4.99 .415 roll. They had quilted Northern for 5.99 12xdouble rolls .499 each.

    Needless to say cheap me bought 3 of the 4.99 ones. I am now up to a grand total of 60 rolls. Guess I'll get more next pay period.
  12. ChemicalGal

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  13. melbo

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    I guess I meant Extra Bulk items in the 'advanced' tag...

    Thanks CG. I didn't shop the pricing yet, just found the bulk and yes, I'd want premium. You can get some real cheap stuff out their. Jail house quality :eek:
  14. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    CG --
    Fresh hypo runs to 14% or thereabouts, and household bleach is about 5% IIRC. Both lose strength with time and exposure to air. What concentration of the solid do you shoot for? What comes in pool tabs that you have to watch out for? Is bromine (also used in pools in some applications) useful for water borne bug busting? Shelf life of hypo tabs is a LONG time if kept dry, how about bromine?

    Inquiring monkeys want to know -- [bow]
  15. ChemicalGal

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    Commercial Hypo will what we call flash in hot weather and turn to water. The lower % you start out with ie; 5-6% is more stable than the higher % but still deteriorates over time.

    the dry is 65% and you want about 1 ppm to clean your water. What I would do is make up a 5% solution with the dry & water, then use that to treat the water like you would with regular Clorox or store brand bleach.
    If you are talking tabs, i wouldn't, but if you insist there is some color in PPG's to designate pool (also, money thing for them they charge more) other than that they are identical to water treatment tablets. I don't know about Olin's (Arch) tablets but can't see them doing much differently. I would highly suggest the granular, easier to measure out and exactly the same for pools as water treatment. just labeled differently.

    Now Bromine, ABSOLUTELY NOT for drinking water. It is for killing algae in cooling towers and not for drinking. Also, do not buy Trichlor or Dichlor they are not the same as Calcium Hypochlorite AND if you have either of them, DO NOT store around Calcium, big explosion can happen.

    Bromine, Trichlor or Dichlor work great in pools, They are Not for drinking

    Hope that helps
  16. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Very did, thank you. [gone]
  17. ChemicalGal

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    Something I forgot to mention for safety.

    Even a small amount of water in your Cal Hypo container can cause a fire.. so be careful to keep water out of the container.

    That's why you add cal hypo to water, Not water to cal hypo
  18. monkeyman

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    On the cloth diapers, I found out a while back on another forum that the majority of folks now days dont even know how to put them on much less clean them if they did have them so an instruction sheet would probably have to go along. That said, I know in our house we go through TP so fast I would doubt we could possibly have room to store TP for more than a couple of years and when it runs out then what? So something I have thought about would be getting some cloth diapers and a bucket for an outhouse if TSHTF use the diapers to wipe with then toss them in the bucket to be washed at the end of the day/week/as needed or whatever and each diaper could even be cut into several wipeing rags. Just a thought. [beer]
  19. warhead2

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    ChemicalGal i was wondering is there any filter that anyone can buy off the shelf that can filter out Fluoride, or a way u can boil it out? ok just wondering

    ok on the tolit paper on the 2 ply toiletpaper u can pull the too plys apart and and have a lil bit more had to do this in basic cus we kept runn out of TP and that sux even had to use some tp from MRES LOL [winkthumb]
  20. ChemicalGal

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    Fluoride Removal

    I would think that a good carbon filter would remove it, it removes chlorine & ammonia. Boiling won't (it kills living bacteria etc), but distilling and running thru a carbon filter should get both.
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