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  1. jasonl6

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    Does anyone else see opportunities for useful stuff after SHTF? For some reason lately i have been noticing things that would be avail if TEOTWAWKI happened. I take my wife to work and see a couple thousand gallon fuel tank sitting there. I see state buildings where useful tools/fuel would be. Drive by a golf course and thinking about all the batteries. I'm wondering if anyone else has this curse? I would never steal anything from anyone but if no one is going to use it then i certainly wouldn't want it to go to waste.

    How does everyone else feel about scavenging after the collapse. I wouldn't want to take something someone else needed. Am I an opportunist or a closet criminal?

    Oh BTW I am pretty well prepped and wouldn't need the stuff other than for more stock piling and redistribution.
  2. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    I don't see any problems with scavenging as long as no one is using it or "owns" it anymore. As far as outright theft... I draw a line in the sand against that. Obviously if we ever faced that scenario a lot of people's morals and ethics will change quick. I will admit if it comes down to watching my family starve to death or steal food.... I just hope whoever I'm stealing from doesn't shoot straight. Because I'll be damned if I watch my kids starve to death. Hopefully I'll have the ability to provide for them if a SHTF scenario ever happens and that won't be something I'm faced with.
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    Dawg, where do you draw the line..... between Stealing to feed your Family, if you were Prep'ed, but used up your Preps, and the Sheeple, who are NOT Prep'ed, and are out Stealing, by any means necessary, to feed their Families, because they didn't Prep? I am not accusing, here. Just asking the moral question. Is it justified, to Kill, Steal, from others, under any circumstances? This would seem to be a very Slippery Slope, with one foot on the Banana Peel..... Does it all come down to, He who has the most FirePower lives, and everyone else doesn't.....
  4. Brokor

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    Oh, the power of positive thinking. ;)
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  5. Gator 45/70

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    We put up sign's in Louisiana...
    We don't care if looters' can read or
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  6. Tikka

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    If something were to happen; preppers would use what they have and the looters will loot.
  7. hank2222

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    part of the socalled plan was to go to the local schools and librarys to get books and other items for the starting of the new schools and the socalled local golf course we did plan to get all the batties that we could find to build a super battery bank for the people in the small plan town that we are planning to build after the event ..

    plus things from the local hospital to help with the medical care of the small town doctor and dentist office for the doctor and dentist to use
  8. fedorthedog

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    I have planned to augment my preps based on what will be available in public buildings but only in a total government failure. The reason for that is it will require a large number of men and arms to force off the looters, and it will be messy. After everything is over it is natural to use what is left to rebuild.

    As to the he who has the most guns survives no he who remembers what a gun is for survives. I don't want to be cruel here but if you are only thinking of a natural disaster type incident and not including a Somalia type situation in you planning you are not prepared for the worst. The rules of society only apply when society exists.
  9. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    I'm hoping not to have to steal to feed my family. I am doing my best to get prepped and ready. Being fairly new to the prepping game I'm working overtime to get ready. It is my hope not to have to steal to feed my family but I won't rule anything out in order to take care of my kids. In the meantime I'll keep storing and doing the other things necessary to prepare for a shtf scenario.

    It is a slippery slope and I am certainly not even going to attempt to pretend to be the moral authority. But I'm also not going to rule out anything or any options because none of us knows how we will truly react to a shtf scenario.
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  10. Gator 45/70

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    I have seen shotgun's used after a Hurricane..But not in the way most think..
    Shot's where fired over a truck's hood after Bubba Bouche in his 4x4 was coming down a flooded street throwing wave's or white cap's into people's flooded home's..
    Twice i've seen this...
    I've seen looter's come down our street (2) and both time's a neighbor walked out with a rifle with a 30 rd clip...
    No word's were spoken..Non are needed...
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  11. jasonl6

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    This is a good discussion. I've often wondered what i would do myself. Like i said i see opportunities but don't know if i would act on them. In had been thinking of the large array of battery backups at telecom site that will be useless in a worse case scenario.

    I am with many that i am doing my best to prepare for me and my family. I would not kill or steal from someone else family to survive. I know where i will be when this life is over and on judgement day don't want to have to answer for unneeded violence.

  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    I am fortunate that i learned a long time ago that Prepping involves more than guns and ammo... A prepper takes the long view and has a well rounded stockpile of preps and can weather most problems... a person whos preps are only guns and ammo becomes a scavenger who can only live off others folks Preps.... I have issues with simply stealing items from others.... if there is a need and it's abandoned yep i'll take it... i'll ask and trade if possible... Hopefully i have enough to get by... but i will have to admit that if worse comes to worse and the lives of my family require it many of us with me leading the way would pretty much lie cheat, steal, or kill to keep family members alive...
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  13. hank2222

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    here is my basic two question for the people of this forum

    1-you have a school teacher but no school books to use by the teacher in the one room school house building you have now in the little town that you live and banded togerther to protect the area ..

    the school is now in no man land and just sitting there unused and all those books are there in the school ..So do you go and take them and use the books to help rebuild or do let them rot and not go and get what you need to help keep the basic idea of teaching our childern alive and passed on to the next generation of childern

    2-question same as the first one but with doctor and nurse and dentist personal have come into the little town and settled and now they help with the basic gear that a hospital has but it located in no man land with raiders all around the area.

    Do you go and get the items to help your town survive or do let the items go to waste ..i'm not takeing about big bulkly items i'm takening about basic items that a doctors and nurse will need along with a dentist to be able to preform there work and sugerical tools and lighting and other unit that they will need to have a semi performing hospital for your town ..

    So do you go and get the items that you need to keep the town alive and well or do you stand on the moral grounds of it stealing ..

    As part of the semi local plan we have is to go into the area and as one group stand watch we go house to house to check on the people that we have in the ward and see if they are still alive or dead and if there dead then bury them and say a set of prayers over them and then go back through and see what the group in the ward can find and use and that means takeing gas out of the gas tanks and deisel from the tanks and giveing out to the local rancher and farms to help them in the long run along with other supplies for the town if need be
  14. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    1 Take the books and use them to educate the future generations.

    2. Go in force and take the equipment from the hospitals.

    I think your idea of scavenging the area is a good plan. If people are dead then they won't need it anymore and I'm sure whatever higher power you pray to at night will understand using it for good.

    Just MY opinion.
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  15. Tikka

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    The second question is the tough one because the prize is worth it. If there are a lot of raiders they would know your group is there.

    I'd send a few to study to study and observe; it takes knowledge to plan.
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  16. Falcon15

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    My wife is a teacher. We know a lot of teachers. I do not know a single teacher with a lack of books. When the SHTF we plan on dumping all "modern" education. The HAWRRs will be taught in our group - using texts we have on hand - History (real, not liberal public education), Arithmetic, Writing (no more email or computers, stuff will be hand written), Reading, and Religion.

    We have a doctor in our prepping group. She has compiled all the various needed equipment/disposables. Power would be spotty, generated on site, or not available, so modern medical equipment is out. We have enough stuff to last a good while. If you have a doctor in your prepping group, they should be acquiring all they will conceivably need for an extended period and learn bush medicine and dentistry. They should also be cross training everyone in their group on medical/dental procedures.

    Scavenging is not stealing. If adequate time has passed and the hospital/school/etc has not already been looted/burned to the ground, and has been conceivably "abandoned" then we will take what is needed.

    Again, not looting - scavenging. I like this last part, and my group has a similar "plan".
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  17. Tikka

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    "that a hospital has but it located in no man land with raiders all around the area."

    As the hospital is in no man's land with raiders all around; it has been looted. Ignoring everything except the sheets, blankets, towels, diapers a hospital is still an absolute treasure.

  18. Gator 45/70

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    We have learned so much from this disaster. The key to overcome such adverse conditions entails strong psychosocial support from colleagues and family. Strong leadership is crucial to maintain a sense of serenity and an optimistic outlook in times of uncertainty. We experienced a sense of camaraderie after seeing all medical personnel participating in activities beyond of the boundary of usual roles.

    Eye of the Storm :: Article - The Hospitalist
  19. prepperfirst

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    Jesus told His disciples to take with them a sword....
  20. Ajax

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    I guess it would depend on how much of a end of life situation it is, Katrina I would not scavenge or take anything not mine. Something more catastrophic and we know that stuff is sitting there and will never be reclaimed by the owner then I would take what I needed.

    Chances are any massive disaster will result in heavy looting from the get go so the only places with anything valuable will be the ones that are not obvious, nothing at Walmart but maybe stuff at a plumbing store off the beaten path etc.
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