Air Crete Construction

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    When we relocate next year our "bug in" strategy will shift to a "bug out" strategy. While we are moving to a more self sufficient lifestyle, the terrain is not as flat and concealing as we would like. There are, however, some nearby mountainous areas that have a great deal of potential for an off grid bug out and weekend/vacation recreational spot.

    I've been looking into inexpensive construction techniques I can use to create organic structures that can blend into the surrounding area. I've been researching techniques like earth bag and cobb, when I ran across air crete. It's basically a lightweight foam of concrete that is very strong, provides good insulation, and is also lightweight - perhaps like pumice.

    One of the drawbacks has been that expensive equipment has been required to create the concrete foam, but these guys have figured out a way to make a foam machine powered by a hand drill.

    Not sure if this is the route I will go but this is pretty intriguing

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    Very neat machine...
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    Loved the part were the guy jumps up out of bed, grabs the wall above the hole in the wall and jumps through! Now try that with an arm and/or leg in a cast!
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    It's called the little dragon - you can find it here along with several other air crete construction tools: Featured Products

    $1000 buys you the three main tools you need to build a dome style structure. The little dragon by itself is half that.
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    You don't need to build goofy architecture - I've seen several air crete structures in the Internet that look like conventional homes.
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    I've been interested in those for a while. Haven't done the research on them as I've been pretty busy, but a friend of mine said he has a buddy in Texas that built some and rents them out. Thanks for posting this link.
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    Looks interesting. It seemed to hold up to a small sledge hammer, but I wonder how well it stands up to a .308?

    It would seem that with all that trapped air, it would be a fairly decent insulator.
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    So you're moving to the Shire?:D
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    I'd think about a modified shipping container surrounded by earthbags for that. My thoughts using air crete are organic shapes that blend in and are likely somewhat covered by earth, sort of like a "ghille house". I am planning on a shipping container "cave" for storage when we aren't there.

    Not sure if I will use air crete or not, but it's such a fascinating technique I thought I'd share

    BTW, air crete isn't just for funny hobbit dome construction.
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  10. Merkun

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    We know there were concrete cargo ships that served for a while around the WWII era. But that was well before air entrainment, much less aircrete was available. I wonder ---
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    I looked into building a concrete sailboat 30 years ago. It has a surprising number of advantages. Air crete would be pretty intriguing for this.
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    Hard to build in a high rise, but an interesting project for eddie to undertake.
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    Build it on the roof, and sail it off, when the earthquake drops SoCal into the ocean, ALA Noah, minus the animals...
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  15. oil pan 4

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    Do I need to test this too?
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    I don't think it would provide much resistance unless you could mix in something that would allow for the energy to be captured and distributed. In it's standard form I think it would be resistant to cracking.

    The best thing I can think of so far for "castle defense" would be a basement with several corrugated window wells of the appropriate size and dimensions - basically fox holes connected to a bunker. Steel plates could be used to seal them off if needed, perhaps on a hinge with a deadbolt to secure. Above perhaps earthbag construction as it is effective and inexpensive, and if you build it around shipping containers even more effective.

  17. Merkun

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    My first guess would pretty much agree that aircrete is apt to not offer significant resistance to bullets. But, unknown as it is, it could be a subject for future testing.
    So far as window wells go, fuggedabowdit in snow country. That said, they can be a good egress route if not filled with something as long as they are supplemental rather than dependable.
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    Oddly enough, my first exposure to them was in snow country, but I see what you mean.
  19. Merkun

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    So was mine, but we had to clear one for the coal chute ---
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