Air guns for small game hunting...

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    Todays airguns are a far cry from yesterdays BB guns. A Daisy 1000 is available at Wal-Mart for $94 bucks including a 3-9X32 scope. Very powerfull, as you will see by a string of photos using 3 shots of Gamo Match 7.5 grain wadcutters. This airgun is manufactured by Hatsan in turkey. It's caveat is a heavy trigger that requires some stoning to smooth out. Using a ballistics calculator Ballistic Calculator these air rifles produce 15 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. They will drop rabbits and other small game up to 50 yards. Ric

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    Whoa! If that's three shots, the Mean will be about 959, and standard deviation, square root of the variance, will be about 2. If it's that consistent, I bet it's accurate.
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    Good info... yup ... these are not your dads airgun... I remember my old crossman... had to pump that sucker up 10 times and it got harder and harder.... Finally just quit working... seals failed ....
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    My Mendoza RM600 has a lighter trigger and smoother firing cycle...

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    How about Big game with an air rifle?

    Career Dragon Slayer Air Rifle
    .50 Caliber Big Bore by ShinSung PCP

    Dragon Slayer Single Shot .50" caliber Dragon precharged air rifle. Beautiful hardwood chequered stock. Rubber butt pad, new side-lever action, built-in air pressure gauge and quick-fill receptor port. Rifle has no open sights. A scope and mounts of your choice can be shipped with the rifle or installed at our gun shop. Number #1 choice for big game hunting enthusiasts.

    New stock provides sturdy performance you can rely on! The new Dragon model is redesigned to be better balanced for more convenient operation and hassle-free handling.

    It features a new, redesigned single high pressure air tank. The pressure gauge and quick fill receptor are located right beneath the barrel at the end of the tank. The loading is operated via side-lever action on the right hand side of the stock. This latest method of loading allows for easier loading compared to the original Dragon model. This beautiful and powerful .50 caliber Big Bore rifle delivers stunning hunting performance

    At 50 yards there is some drop to the bullet, but you compensate by sighting in at 40 yards, then you're on from the muzzle out to perhaps 75 yards. A rifle like this has a limited range, after all. Within that range, though, it puts those bullets right where you tell it to, as long as you do your part.

    The power of the rifle tested was a tight band from 185 to 192 foot-pounds, with the heaviest bullets getting the higher power, as you would expect. testing a brand-new rifle and it has been experience that after many shots the firing mechanism will wear smoother and the power will increase a bit.

    Velocity of the 225-grain Pelletman bullets ranged between a high of 613 f.p.s. and a low of 581 f.p.s. for five shots on a fresh 3,000 psi fill. The average for a five-shot string was 601 f.p.s., but the average for the first three shots was a healthy 609 f.p.s. That velocity gives an energy of 185.34 foot-pounds of energy. The start screen of the chronograph was set five feet from the muzzle and the day was 72 degrees F, with a humidity of 80 percent.

    The 250-grain bullet gave an average velocity of 584 f.p.s. for five shots and 589 f.p.s. for the first three. The higher number works out to an energy of 192.63 foot-pounds. The 275-grain bullet averaged 555 f.p.s. for five with the first three going 559 f.p.s. That's an energy of 190.86 foot-pounds. Given the energy and averages for the first three shots because hunters will either make the shot or not with those. Shots four and five are for finishers, if required.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    Air Rifle .45 Caliber 730 fps PCP

    Sam Yang BIG BORE 909S 45 Cal. A long awaited update to the Big Bore. A very powerful .45 caliber air gun. This single shot rifle provides dramatic power and excellent performance. A new and elegant design is combined with a brilliant metal finish. A checkered butt stock and forearm are beautiful hardwood. The Pre-Charged Pneumatic Big Bore 909S is affordable, accurate, and a very powerful .45 caliber hunting air rifle. With a wide range of PSI manufactured pellets available one can shoot target or hunt. The rifle is built with high quality materials and superior workmanship. All metal parts have excellent bluing and carvings to add to its appearance.
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    I had no idea that air rifles were made in those larger calibers, thanks for the info. :cool:
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    Check out Jim Chapman's African Airgun Safari's...


    Picked out my guns for our upcoming trip to South Africa;

    Quackenbush .457
    Career Dragonslayer .50
    Evanix AR 6 .22
    Prairie Falcon .22

    Review will be available on all of these guns in the coming weeks!

    Evanix AR6: The second and final small game rifle selected for the trip!![​IMG][​IMG]

    I've had a chance to shoot this gun off the bench and get in some small game hunting, and have been impressed with the performance and value offered by this new offering out of Korea.


    The African Airgun Safari is the journal of my hunts on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We hunted large and small game with large bore Quackenbush air rifles, and this book covers every aspect of the journey, the gear, and the hunts


    The American Airgun Hunter and the Airgunners Guide to Squirrel Hunting have both sold out and no new printing is scheduled at the current time (there are a few copies available through Airgun Shops). The "Complete Airgun Hunter" will be available towards the end of this year. I'd like to thank the hundreds of airgunners and hunters that have purchased these books!

    The Crosman 2240 Page
    This page has information on modifications, and reports of hunting trips using this versitile air pistol

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Site Owner: Jim Chapman email: The American Airgun Hunter © The American Airgun Hunter © 2000 - 2006
    The contents of all material and HTML coding available on this Internet Site are copyrighted by James V. Chapman, unless otherwise indicated.
    All rights are reserved by James Chapman. Content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission. Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law subject to criminal and civil.

    Disclosure: In the course of my shooting and hunting activities, I receive loan guns from manufacturers and distributors to evaluate. I have no formal agreements with any of these companies or individuals and I receive no compensation. There is no pre-existing agreement that I will write about a gun, but my policy is that if I don't like a gun I won't write about it but will give constructive feedback. In this way I continue to have the opportunity to try new guns, to make a positive impact on this sport, and gain more experience with varied technologies. I will sometimes buy a gun if I want to add it to my collection; I will typically pay full price, sometimes I will receive a discount. This is never attached with a review, however any reader of my reviews and stories is hereby informed. But more to the point, and as I state on my review page, these reviews and result are my opinions and my experience,. It is important that you make up your own mind, think about how you want to use a gun, what type of gun you like, what you want to pay for it, etc ...... make an informed decision and enjoy the sport! The velocity measurements and posted group sizes presented are quantitative, every thing else is subjective and you might reach a different conclusion.
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    Ricdoug, I do have a question. An airgun like the $99 dollar Wallyworld pellet gun. I know it's not completely silent, but how far can you hear it, both hear, and loud enough to determine direction and distance.
  10. ricdoug

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  11. ghostrider

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    Thanks. I think I will go look at the one at Wal-mart, they also had a $124 dollar one.
  12. ricdoug

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    The Gamo for $124 bucks has a better trigger, but...

    the Daisy (Hatsan) is more rugged. It takes a while to get used to the heavy trigger, but it's very powerfull and accurate. Ric
  13. ghostrider

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    I'll probably just do the Daisy. Thanks.
  14. ricdoug

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    Good Choice, Ghost Rider. The Daisy (Hatsan) comes with...

    a nice 3-9X32 Scope that is well matched to the guns recoil - YES, these babies have recoil. Welcome to the world of High-Power Adult Airguns. At 10 meters it will go through both sides of an unopened can of Green Beans. Watch your backstop because This Ain't Your Daddy's BB Gun. My favorite Airgun Forum:

    Any questions you have about airguns can be answered there. Ric
  15. Bear

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    I use a trap rated for up to .22.... the trap makes just as much noise as the pellet gun....

    Are "moderators" legal ?.....
  16. Seacowboys

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    Just bought a Daisy 1000 at Wallyworld just in time for the annual starling migration.
  17. Bear

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    Do you eat them?.... or are they pests?.... or just good game?....:)
  18. ricdoug

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    Starlings are Major pests. The breasts of pest birds are edible, but...

    they are very small on Starlings so it takes a lot of them. The Daisy 1000 has a hole in the trigger guard and if you turn that all the way clockwise, it helps lighten the trigger. That airgun recoils like an AK47. Crow recipes:

    Starling Stew

    by Jimmy Stuber
    <HR>Sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry in butter lightly. Dust with flour and add three slices of onion, 1 bay leaf, add a half glass of wine and water to cover. Stew slowly. When tender, set aside in a warm dish and let the stew-broth simmer to thicken, then strain and serve.
  19. ghostrider

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    ricdoug, I looked at Wallyworld, haven't bought the Daisy yet, but I will go back and get it after I compared prices and features elsewhere. I'm kinda looking for something to carry canoeing with my kids, also. I looked at a Crosman 1377 pump-up pellet pistol, how do they shoot. The $48 price makes it attractive for camping and canoeing, if it's accurate enough to shoot a snake or other varmint. A friend of mine had one years ago, also had the buttstock for it, was acceptably accurate with pellets.
  20. ricdoug

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    Ghostrider, the Crosman 1377C is VERY accurate...

    I always keep one in my car in a case with a pouch full of pellets. The trigger weight is a simple 5 minute fix. Ric

    The heavy trigger of the Crosman 1377C seems to be it's only caveat. Here is a simple, effective fix. Remove the pistol grips (2 screws). Remove the only spring you see. Slide this spring over a screwdriver and overcompress the spring with a large washer. Put the spring back into the pistol. If the spring is too light, the action will not work properly and the pistol will go off during pumping. If this the case, remove the spring and stretch it and put back into the pistol. A 2-pound pull seems to be a good combination of safety/functionality. As I understand, this mod works for many Crosman airguns. Ric
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