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    Hello everyone.

    Me and my family have been looking at moving to Alaska for quite some time now....we eventually became concerned against it due to not knowing about survivability in Alaska (most likely the interior) due to climate change effects on things don't get us wrong, we know that you can't prepare for everything and no place is going to be totally safe and that is not what we are looking for......our concerns are with the birch beetle and permafrost melting issues and things of that nature, does anyone know much about living way, way out up there and in particular, effects from climate change and how serious the birch beetle issue is in regards to them killing millions of acres of forest?

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    We've got a couple members from Alaska so maybe one of them can jump in with some information and advice.

    Welcome aboard
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    Thanks bud, lookin' forward to what y'all might have to say about it.
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    Hey, live a little south of the interior, but there isn't a part of the state I haven't been to. The beetle you're referring to is a "spruce bark" beetle (at least i've never heard of a birch bark beetle). The spruce bark beetle did kill most of the forest here in south central, but that was from the 90's to the early 2000's.

    If when you say "climate change" you mean the new PC way of saying "Global Warming" I think you have no worries. Despite the opinion of a few people up here looking for grant money, the glaciers arent melting (any faster than usual- I have two of them I can see from my porch). The rate of recession goes up and down every year. I have a lot of friends in the road construction business. They are the first to be concerned about melting permafrost, and they say from experience that all the alarmism is bunk. Our summer temps were actually about 10 degrees colder than average this year, and it's currently -3 degrees in the southern part of the state, which is out of character. One thing you CAN count on for Alaska's weather, is that you cannot predict it. Every year is drastically different from what you would think based on indicators. With a cool summer, and an early cold snap you could assume it too be a hard winter, but next week it could get up to 40. Who knows.

    As far as survivability up here, I guess it depends on a lot of things. First of all, it is an order of magnitude more expensive up here just to prepare. To give you an idea, a cabin that would have cost me $12K-$15K anywhere in the lower 48, has now cost me over $50K and it's not even close to done. Gas in most of Alaska is anywhere from 50%-300% higher than the national average. There are certainly far more challenges, too many to list off the top of my head, but climate change should be the least of your concerns.
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    thank you, much appreciated info....and thanks for clarifying the 'spruce'/not 'birch' thing with the beetles!

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    It is expensive, cold and a very unhospitable climate. If you go, go with alot of dough. I had some freinds elude the IRS years back and they lived in a car they bought for the first year, they liked to have froze to death. Most people won't hire you unless you have experience and are there for some time. Make sure you have work and shelter lined up before hand.
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