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    My wife has discovered a way to get almost free stuff from a local merchant. One of the small box stores which shall remain nameless.

    The store is not very good at keeping up with it inventory "sell by" or "expiration" date. My wife goes into the store once a week and checks the shelves for stuff that is very near expiring. If it is close, and something we can use, she puts it in one cart. If it is not something we can use, it goes in another cart. If it has expired, it goes in another cart.

    I must tell you, she is NOT an employee. She just started checking the dates and taking it to the manager. He would sell it to her "real cheap", like perhaps 10 cents or so just to get rid of it. Now, she almost acts like an employee. She goes in and just starts checking shelves.

    Some of the stuff, we do not use directly but we use it for dog food. An example of that would be breakfast cereal. A bowl with cereal, some milk, and the dogs have breakfast.

    It works quite well, only sometimes we wind up with a sort of over abundance.
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    THAT is a really good idea.:)
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    It is an interesting idea and I wish she would come check my local market because they need to check the dates better. Stock rotation is not one of their strong points.

    I am glad that people are getting use of stuff that most stores would throw away.
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