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    There is a movie that I just saw called Aloha and it brought up a very interesting point.
    Aloha (2015) - IMDb

    The premise of the movie is that an independent military contractor gets a chance to help the private sector send up a satellite over Hawaii against the kings wishes. In the movie the US government is using wealthy business men to get weapons into orbit as a way around the no weapons in space treaty.
    Outer Space Treaty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I guess we should expect the government to use the private sector to further military objectives and lie to its people and the world but does that make it ok?

    The reason this movie stood out to me is that it seems very relevant and likely to be something that has happened recently. I was, quite frankly, surprised that a movie about the subject could be made if it is in fact similar to something that has actually happened.
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    Hiding in plain sight is part of their religion....
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    Kind of like "Wag the dog".
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