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    Just watched this one youtube.

    If you think you can go solo this is worth a watch. I saw a few mistakes he made and some things i would have done differently. I think he did too much sitting around thinking. When you sit your mind has time to wonder. If he would have worked harder on his hunting/gathering skills in the beginning he would have made it farther.

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    What a wuss. I don't think I ever saw any grown man cry so damned much. He should have shot the moose.
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  3. Hey!
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    I also think he shouldn't have made the overland trek. Even his small lake he started out on had a stream exiting it. He burned valuable calories and left his canoe behind. He also could have trolled more while he was dropping his weekly films off. When in Algonquin national park a few years ago i always had a line in the water while crossing large lakes. I used a 3" spoon and several split shot weights to get it 10' down. I caught a lake trout 24" and a 20" perch. That made a great meal for a few of us.

    Anyone else notice that after he saw the bear he b-lined it for camp, but his gun was not at the ready. Worse his gun sling was under the strap for his backpack. This could have been a fatle mistake. I wondered too if he had slugs with him. The shot is not going to go much to scare off an attacking bear. It made me think back to the cut shotgun shell video someone posted awhile back on how to make improvised slugs.

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    Guy did about what I'd expect any citified person would at living alone in the wilderness. He had more than enough gear and technology to survive. He had a friggen SPOT locator for crying in the night. He lacked the will and the skill to see it through. He made countless mistakes in judgement early on. Not sure what he brought in for supplemental fats/calories but he obviously made poor selections. A person purposely setting out to live off the land without first having the skills necessary to do so is a fool. The only thing bigger than the bears in Alaska are the mosquitoes...if nothing else, always plan for the skeeters! Slugs for your shotty is a must too. And he was inland so not seeing the really big coastal brown bears.

    Also, when people try to make these kinds of films there are countless legal/licensing concerns that the viewing public isn't usually aware of. He may not have made the proper licensing arrangements for taking any big game. Sounds like he didn't have a license since he said it would be against the law to take the moose. Luckily for Mortimer's cousin! Getting lost on a 3-5 day backpacking trip and hunting to survive is one thing but pre-planning a 3 month expedition in the bush is an entirely different thing. The lost backpacker may or may not receive a fine for taking game necessary to survive but a person filming themselves poaching game because they failed to properly plan might face serious charges.

    It's been many months since I watched the whole thing so I can't remember all of my impressions with how he gathered food. I know he made no early preparations to be ready to process any kind of large game early on. He would have wasted nearly all that moose. Wanted to see how close he could get to it? Ahahaha. No trot lining? Maybe also illegal in Alaska? His trap sets were horrible. No baiting/luring. No funneling/channeling. No dead falls that I can recall. Left a gut pile near camp? The list just gets longer and longer... Leaving the lake he was at and his only mode of transport? Wowser.

    Lots of crying and pining for home too.

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    'There's a bear in the woods!'

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    It is perfectly LEGAL, to shoot, or catch, eatable Fish & Game without a Hunting, or Fishing, License, in Alaska, if you are out of food, or in a Survival Situation. All that is required, by Alaska Statutes, is that you REPORT, each Kill, or Taking, to ADF&G when you are either Rescued, or when you reach civilization. Any leftover Fish, or Game, Parts that you have are Property of the State, and must be surrendered, at the time of Reporting.
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    TV edition !!

    I live beside some who live this way. (Best kids & cheerful I've seen ) .
    I also lived on Haida Gwaii , The Haida never !! TV BS. Same as In Tuktoyaktuk, or Tuktuyaaqtuu ,, Never !! BS TV to the max..

    More like dummy's on computers thinking there doing something !!!

    Im eating tonight .

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    Thanks BT! That's good to know info.

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    He was in northern Canada not Alaska
  11. Byte

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    Wow I had totally forgotten that. His first camp was on Dogpack Lake in the Tincup Wilderness in the Yukon Territory Canada. I now remember looking all that info up when I first watched it. It's about 30 miles east of the Alaska/Yukon border so yeah, Alaskan law would have been irrelevant! Thanks for the reminder.

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    No worries ...i for one have little knowledge so i didn't even pick up on the mistakes people for a few...IE paddling is easier than trekking by foot
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    ...and you can carry more gear/ food/ wood safely.
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    I don't think I cried that much when I was 8 and ran away from home only to discover my plan to find an abandoned dumpster and live in it wasn't gonna pan out.
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    Plus i guess he could also use the canoe as a portable shelter if he had to
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