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    OK, all your batteries are dead, how else can you signal/communicate? Morris (like the car?) code, semmafore or smoke signals. Morse code, you could use heliographs (mirrors) arms, flags.[flag] [whiteflag] Figgure one system as right side-dash, left side-dot. Flags the same thing. Proably a standard system already exsists. Semmafore uses two flags and the position of the flags represent a letter or number. Used to be able to do this one, thank-you Boy Scouts. One thing to remember is that It takes two, [doh] at least, one to recieve and one to send. Practice practice practice. Personally I would rather use pidgeons or messenger rabbits for long distance. The rabbit thing was a joke we had about our neighbor being a Russian spy, had rabbits running around the backyard. Then one day two guys in a dark sedan showed up, asked to park in the driveway, never said who or why. Had badges and ID from the .gov. Hmm. True fact. Tin can phones? [dunno] Gonna buy some monkeys and train them as messengers.
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    It does, indeed. The first thing a Navy or Coast Guard signalman learns is morse code.[flag] There is a reason the rate device is crossed flags. (Well, it was when I was in.)[booze]
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