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    My situation is a little different, since I own the shop and have no employees. The pic is my desk at the shop. I don't usually leave the goodies out in plain sight, but they are no more than an arms length away. I park my truck inside the shop and keep my "get home" bag either in the truck or next to my desk. I live 5 miles from my shop, and if need be I can leave the truck and get back to the house with crossing only one paved road. Of course I don't carry my bag into stores with me when I go, so there are times when my stuff may be up to 200 yards away. Then I'm am only carrying a decent pocket knife, my .45, cell phone, and whatever else is rattling around in my pockets. 20 years ago before the Mrs. came around I would also have had an emergency 3 pack of condoms :)
  2. CaboWabo5150

    CaboWabo5150 Lost in the woods

    And then I forgot to put in the pic.. lol...

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    OpSec says I can't say what I might or might not be carrying. I'd prefer to just look like an everyday ordinary sheeple. I dress like it, I play the part. Except I might have some teeth and tools to get me out of some 'Round 'em up!' situations.
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    Dont worry you pull a 357 and some with a cell phone will call 911
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    All these so-called security measures really are foolishness!

    Funnily enough, after I got my pocket knife I forgot it in a bag at least a couple times going through metal detectors and xray machines going into the hospital, and not once was it ever found.

    I've also accidentally gone though airport security with more than one knife in my carry on and they never noticed! (They did take my sister's canister of lotion though...)

    And to keep more on topic I added a zippo lighter to my EDC only yesterday (I found one at the antique store, fully functioning and cheaper than the new ones!)
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    if the real shitf I have all I need to get home-- 357 and spare rnds,38 spec.and plenty of 22 rnds.--on me at all times a 357 snubie in purse,38 spec. 2 shot in back pocket and a 22 semi auto on my hip--ps. did you know a 22 will go through kevlar ---I will make it home
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    "Funnily" really?

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