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    Hi there folks,

    I want to share a couple of techniques I've developed to make sure I have the 'stuff' I need always at hand.

    I work in an office and like most cube dwellers I use a backpack to carry my laptop and lunch to the grindstone each day. I'd assembled a small kit to get me home from the office in the event of some emergency or event.

    During a fire drill one day I realized that to take the kit I needed to take my backpack. Being a fire drill it was impractical to try to get down the stairwell with the 3,000 other office dwellers while carrying a backpack.

    I found the solution in an EMT pouch on Amazon.This gives me a small pack that has everything I feel I need to get me home. It's got a carry handle and can be quickly snatched out of my backpack and carried outside.

    Everywhere else I go I use a tactical messenger bag, similar to this on Amazon. I take this literally everywhere I go. It has everything inside that I need to get me home, look after my two small kids, assemble Ikea furniture and wash my hands, along with a Browning Hi-Power in a tidy pocket on the back.

    To keep things organized I picked up some pencil cases from Wal-Mart. These are large enough to hold a small medical kit or a collection of USB cables and car charger, yet small enough to fit in the messenger bag. I just write on the end of the pencil cases what each one holds. I've got one for a GoPro, one for tools, etc etc.

    The messenger bag isn't camo and doesn't look 'military'. It's a low profile way of having everything I need handy. I can even slip a Kindle in there.

    Just throwing it out there.


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    The pencil cases are a great idea! Just the other day I was thinking about using some of those plastic tackle box trays for inside my pack. The only problem was the dividers inside are usually fixed and too small for most of my gear. I considered using tupperware but the pencil cases never occurred to me.
  3. CATO

    CATO Monkey+++

    I have a similar pack (Maxpedition EDC) and have a small Otter case that is waterproof that I keep my fire kit and some other junk.

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