American Express Travellers' Checks Almost Worthless

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by TXKajun, Nov 28, 2012.

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    I travel a bit for my job and on my last trip, I decided I'd take some American Express Travellers' Checks for $$$ safety. I hit a store to buy a couple of cartons of ciggies....they wouldn't have anything to do with the Travellers' Checks. OK, I can kinda-sorta understand that. I went to a large grocery store chain to get some stuff. Nope, no way we'll take American Express Travellers' Checks. Oh man, what a pain! Last try was at a restaurant. No way, Jose! I finally found a local bank that, after looking up in their rule book for almost 30 minutes, kindly cashed one of them for me. Sheesh!

    Lesson learned on that! I finally cashed them at the bank at home where I bought them. They didn't have any problem taking them back, thank goodness.

  2. Illini Warrior

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    Good God ... travelers checks .... they haven't been any good for at least 15-20 years now .... you can print all you want from your home computer .... even the scam of buying big toys off CraigsList, using travelers checks died .... nobody in their right mind would accept one
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    Worse, I bought a half dozen prepaid visa cards for fuel on a trip. They come in preset amounts, marked on the face. $300. bucks on 6 cards, and 2 of them would not give up the money! Loaded up the truck and the cans, when to pay with the cards (My only form available, 1 STATE from home, and two of them would not scan! Two hours later,several long distance calls, and a irate manager gotten out of bed, the cards were approved by their sque-numbers, and finally released my truck! We had the cops waiting in the parkinglot, though for gas theft, clerk assault, or causing a disturbance, was never quite clarified. I will NEVER carry anything but cash for gas again on trips, and anyone wanting to take it from me will have to pistol whip me for it, because the gun will be empty.
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    Wife just returned from a "Med" cruise and was told TCs were useless. She took her cards and a small bit of cash.
  5. Illini Warrior

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    just a note to anyone planning a trip .... major credit cards are the best for eazy use and security .... just don't head to Vegas with a wild itch .....

    but .... before you leave, give the credit card company's Customer service a call and give them a heads up .... especially if you don't travel out of state often ..... extremely important if you are going overseas ..... they have automatic indicators on your card usage that will be "tripped" by any unusual usage ..... they'll lock down your account
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    Yep, failed to tell them ahead of time, just once. Now, anytime I go out of my usual AO by any distance, I give them a heads up.
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