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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. melbo

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  2. Imaexpat2

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    It does appear to be back again just under a slightly different name. Has anyone here checked it out yet and confirmed it?
  3. sniper-66

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    I had racks of the old magazines and when we moved, they got thrown out as my father in law thought that since they were really dusty, I didn't want them. Sad day in this household, lots of good info down the perverbial tube.
  4. melbo

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    for 40 some dollars, they give you 5 years of bcak issues on CD... I might look into it
  5. BRONZ

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    Most of you guys know I just moved. Well the other day opened up a box with about ten(10) years worth of ASG. A few years ago somebody had sold all their old Survival mags. at a used book store so I got about 10 of those too..

    I found all my Backwoods Home mags. too. They got a little soft for me so I didn't keep the subscription up. A fews years worth.

  6. monkeyman

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    Yeah, BWH may not be the best if your looking for info on defences and tactical sugestions or anything but they are excelent for info on how to store, can, preserve and grow food (animal or vegitable) and do most of the non security related aspects of daily life in a homesteading or the way most of us would be post SHTF. I agree though that they cater more to folks who are already liveing it rather than those who are looking to be ready to have it as an option and they dont deal very much with any security issues.
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