Amish communities....a hidden gem within reach to most people.

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    Many areas of the country are within driving distance to Amish communities and what awaits them is a great source of bulk foods and storage items. Due to the way the Amish live, bulk foods are the mainstay of their frugal lifestyle. My local Amish community in Shipshewana Indiana has a wonderful bulk food store called E&S Bulk Foods.

    They are stocked with all of the staples...beans, wheat berries, flour, large quantity. They sell 50# bags of flour for as little as $12 and they carry everything imaginable related to baking and cooking. E&S has an entire aisle dedicated to spices (see image) all at very reasonable prices.

    Amish bulk food stores also carry low cost meats including Yoder's canned meat products.
    Research your local Amish community for great bargains in bulk foods.

    Here is part of the spice aisle at E&S Bulk Foods
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    I used to deliver and pick up food grade (truck tanker loads) products in and around Lancaster, PA. While there, my dispatcher would often have me stay overnight in a hotel. I would make it a point to shop for goods produced by the Amish. Always, very cordial and polite.
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    Great info here , thanks .
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    The Amish are also real big into cheese and cheese making.
    In Shipshewana, the Guggisberg Cheese Factory produces dozens of different varieties of excellent quality cheeses which typically cost around $3.69 per pound and are available from small packages to giant wheels.
    This brings me to another topic....

    Cheese preservation.

    Hard cheeses, such as cheddars, swiss, etc. can be waxed and kept indefinitely.
    As long as the cheese is completely waxed and done correctly it will last for years if undisturbed. (forget that canned crap).

    Here is how it is done.
    Red Cheese Wax

    The cheese counter inside E&S Bulk Foods
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    Ah, well.....with a grand total of 75 Amish in the rather large state of Texas, it's a sure thing that I'm probably closer to the Oklahoma Amish communities, than the lone Texas one! :rolleyes:

    List of Amish population, by state: List of U.S. states by Amish population - Wikipedia

    Amish state guide (looks like they don't like the south, much! LOL) Amish State Guide
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