An idea for single people to do if the dollar crash down

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    after watching the videos and reading some of the reports that the gentlemen wrote about the financial melt down that happen in Argentina and it got me to thinking about a way to stetch the dollar out even more if i could only have to buy some of the basic items need for survival and not alot of other things that comes with a house hold budget and i got this plan about stetching the basic house hold supplies for one year time frame after the start of the financial melt down to one year later to see where i need to go from there ..

    here is my plan

    take a large rubbermaid tote and start to fill it up with diff n10 cans of food and other basic grooming and toliet paper and paper towels and cleaning supplies that i use in my home for the diff areas of the household in the bathroom kitchen as they are need

    i figure about $20.oo dollars worth of meat will keep me feed really good to my basic meal i make and not haveing to buy some of the socalled house hold supplies for cleaning and other areas it stetchs the dollar alot farther down the line

    i can buy most of the supplies i need at the local 99.cent store in Az and my friend get me the N10 food supplies through the local cannery operation and we vacumed packed the items at her house and then i take them down the road to my house ..

    i figure out i can get about one months of basic items inside the tub in diff sections .

    here are the section items .

    1st section is food items .

    N10 sized cans in the following areas of food that i can make up meals side dish with ..
    white rice
    red beans
    mac and chesse
    mash potatoes
    yellow corn
    dried milk
    other basic food supplies to make up meals as need ..

    the cans are put down as a bottom layer then other items are packed n around then as need ..

    then add the following items

    -x-tea bags for both hot and cold
    -x- cool-aid in diff flavors and tang and other drink mixs
    -x-bags of fake sugar as it need
    -x-misc food items ..

    this items are placed inside the tub as need .. the drink mixs are vacumed packed into the double bag set up to keep them from getting smells from the diff items inside the tub and transferring the smell to the drink mix

    2nd section is personal grooming items ..

    i been putting in the vacum packed plastic bag the following items

    -x-3-bars to a package of bathsoap

    -x-can of shaveing cream

    -x-tube of head shaveing cream

    -x-tube of pre-scub shaveing gel

    -x-two-pack of razor blades

    -x-tube of deodorant

    -x-tube of toothpaste

    -x-denture cleaning supply .

    -x-tube of denture polygrip

    all this packed togerther and then double bag and sealed up for storage inside the unit ..

    most of the item will last more one and half months of daily use so i pack in this package into the every other tub for use as need plus some of the packages have a little extras items here and there for things to replace or lub as need like a denture brush or toothbrush or lub spray for the electric razor

    3rd section is basic supplies for cleaning and other use inside the house ..

    -x-package of toliet paper-x-1-

    -x-package of papertowels-x-2-

    -x-bottle of dish washing-x-1-

    -x-bottle of handsoap refill -x-1-

    -x-bottle of all around bathroom and shower cleaner-x-1-

    -x-bottle of all around kitchen cleaner-x-1-

    -x-can of comet-x-1-

    -x-bottle of windex-x-1-

    -x-package of sponges-x-5-to-a package-x-1-

    -x-box of trash bags-x-13-gallon sized kitchen trash can bags-x-2-

    -x-boxs of trash bags-x-bathroom sized trash bags-x-2-

    -x-box of laundry soap-x-1-

    the laundry soap and trash bags are taken out of there boxs and stored inside a ziploc plastic bag then vacumed packed inside a another bag for storage space ..

    the bottles and can of cleaning items are also packed into the plastic bag then sealed up and then sealed up again for storage in the tub

    plus every time i dig into one of this units i keep from digging into the long term supplies and that helps stetch the supplies even farther
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    Try reading this thread.... all 74 pages of it.... from start to finish, I did and totally walked away with new insight. There were a few other threads that were really helpful to me too and I think you'll get a lot out of them. Here's another thread that made me think, Ignore my questions.... I get the feeling it's an old thread and those folk aren't around anymore. There were other threads that were equally as "enlightening" but.... I can't put my finger on them for you. You may have to hunt and peck on your own.
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