An infamous day

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    In remembrance of a day a nation misjudged the heart and soul of the American people. On the battlefield, but maybe more importantly, at home in the fields and factories. I salute the few left of that generation.
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    A salute to the old guard...
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    Sadly, the idiots who want to take guns away from law abiding citizens have forgotten that it was that very reason why the Imperial Japanese did not ever consider invading the west coast. As was reported later, Admiral Yamamoto stated that "there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass". Nowadays, it seems it's the liberals standing around, smoking grass!
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    Nick+Jonas+Outerwear+Military+Jacket+xJlcbdEQfwCl. michael-jackson-military-jacket. Jimi+Hendrix+1969. Military jackets on musical folks are nothing new, and on women, we tend to be more forgiving, but i agree, every medal, ribbon, patch should be stripped before anyone should wear what has not been earned.
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