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    Found on this article addresses the "unrealistic Mentality of the Modern Survivalist". Good food for thought. Comments, reflections would be most welcome. It has some solid and valid points, however this like any thing else YMMV. BTW - The article is linked back to good old Ferfal's blog entry - Thoughts on Urban Survival from 2005.
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    you right and i think there is some truth to our mindset can become single focus on one thing and not a board range we need to think about
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    good article, well written and informative
    ive always said too much emphasis was on guns and fighting as a single unit
    we defeated t-rex and the dinos with team effort and thats what we will need
    when TSHTF
    anything less is suicide
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    Balanced Perspective Is Necessary

    Ferfal, the source referred to in the article, provides a balanced perspective, along with real-world experiences to draw upon for uncommonly wise insight of encounters with a post-SHTF society.

    Most others are dealing with a rationale for their theories about what will likely happen and what skills/materials will be among the best resources.

    Ferfal can truly say, "Been there, done that." when it comes to living in the post-SHTF chaos and finding a way to deal with it.
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