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    Well, with leaving active duty we were able to get more of a permanent place. Our place sits 1 mile from the county line approximately dead center between two mid-sized towns. It's a rural area. We have 8 acres, our own well, and plenty of wildlife.

    We have a bit of open area that is planned for a small orchard (already started with 6 pear trees) and a few grapes. The front field already has a garden planted. Historically that was a good place for a garden after talking to the neighbors.

    There was a ton of work to do on the land and exterior of the place when we moved in. Where the well was dug was a mess. The bulldover just twisted over saplings into a nice baskety,rocky,muddy mess. After digging out all the saplings and piling them for later use, we spread the soil out evenly and made use of the rocks by making a container planter.

    We were able to trade in on some rabbits. Craigslist yielded a couple cheap rabbit hutches. A pole barn built on the cheap helps keep the rabbits cool. Darn things haven't bred yet. I am thinking about getting another breeding pair and seeing which breed first.... the others are stew.

    The garden was dug with the help of my half price, near new tiller purchased at the flea market about 1 mile North (great place for tools, vegetables, live animals, and other necessities). We decided to to go medium in size this year and work additional beds for next year.

    For wildlife, I have two deer stands up and another ready to go up. We have two herds of 4-5 deer that routinely travel through. There is an assortment of other small game and dove. I have planted 3 deer plots that have cams up. All three have activity every 2-3 days. We shot 2 does last year off my place.

    Nearby we have a lake (about 5 miles out) and a state forest (3 miles out). Both offer hunting grounds. The lake, of course, offers fishing.

    Here are some pics:
    The garden. The weed border is new. I have enough wood chips from cleaning out the brush piles to cover this one and maybe the 2nd bed:

    Utilizing what the land offered, here is the raised bed near the well:

    Rabbits on year one. Their names are bacon and eggs:

    The workshop. For reloading and "tooling" about. Construction should be done this week:

    More to follow.
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    awww, dunno why but it wouldn't lemmie "LIKE" this post :(
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    same here....maybe it no "LIKEY" me....
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    Love it, AL, looking good.
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    Very nice
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    GREAT! It's a process.
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    Looking good. What are you using to anchor your building onto the pad? Would do more than just nailing it down. "Red Head" anchors w/metal strips from the plate to the studs will make it very strong.
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    looking good!
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    One step at a time.
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