An opportunity in Arizona, for a real experience!

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    I'm seriously looking for SOMEONE, that would like the opportunity to go out and try out their skills and survival techniques....For an EXTENDED period of time!

    Now this is a SERIOUS business!

    I am the "POINT MAN", being sent out to secure the property and protect the current buildings and supplies there from any FURTHER vandalism/theft/destruction!

    You will NEED some gear, and "good", cold weather clothing!

    I have nearly everything else!

    Cots, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, water barrels, toiletries, and such, along with abundant medical supplies and survival books of all types! Even a portable potti, and a way to do your laundry!

    Weapons and ammo not a problem, including bows and arrows.

    Here is YOUR chance to learn, and to re-learn skills, as well as an extended practice
    of everything you REALLY NEED TO KNOW!

    I'll also be taking camera gear to document a lot of things, and record the experiences.

    There are already SOLAR panels, batteries and communications equipment, plus ways to charge cellular phone batteries, and solar lamps to provide lighting at night, without draining the main systems batteries.

    There MAY be a time, (or not), that you might experience being "snowed-in"....BUT that is unlikely!

    There are other people that come by, on one of the many roads in the area.

    You will be 16 miles from the nearest town, of ASHFORK, Arizona.

    We have NO well, so water has to be carried in, in tanks and barrels.

    It is going to be NEAR, but not quite ,"PRIMITIVE".

    We have stoves, and lights, and all the basic things, including the necessities like : "TOILET PAPER"!

    We will have a trailer to stay in, and it will NOT be like being in a tent!

    We will also have 2 vehicles for use, to go into and out of town as needed.

    We will have an emergency back-up generator system as well!

    SO, there it is...
    An "OPPORTUNITY", to get out of the house, and get close to nature, and find out how well you handle a real siuation where anything MIGHT happen!
    ( But I doubt that anything short of a LOT of fun and experiences will be happening!)

    So, are you ready to do this?
    Can you handle it?
    Are you really prepared to go into the wilderness and survive, even though you'll have 90% of the comforts of home!??

    Well, "IF", you are or think you are, then JOIN me, and let's go NORTH and have some real experiences!

    I am Looking forward to hearing from you!

    (ps) We are NOT just being "dropped off", and left to fend for ourselves!
    Other members will come in and out about every 2-3 weeks, to bring in additional supplies and water as well as to store their gear, in the existing buildings there.
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    We will also have to do some work there,.....
    EG: begin prepping for raised gardens, wind generator mounts, additional solar panel systems, radio and antenna set-ups, septic systems and leeching fields....etc.
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    Sweetie, my children and I have lived like that before (maybe a little more primitive), so what you're proposing ain't nothing.
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    Still looking? I am going to be up there in KEW after Feb.
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    Many things have changed since that time....I have my OWN properties now, 3 parcels and in a much more defendable area, much more isolated ( like really off of the main roads!) In fact roads is a relative term. We refer to them as roads because that's the way we get in. In reality, these are trails.
    I left a much larger and "confused" group, not the first, the 3rd in a row. Seems all it takes is a bunch of well intentioned people to meet once a month and eat pizza and talk to form a group!
    Anyway, I have the land and with some additional elbow grease, water is there, it just has to be "tapped" into. Not a deep well either.
    In fact there are 2 artesian wells that supply fresh water on a daily basis, within 600-700 feet to the north and to the south.
    I have a 6 person travel trailer on another site right now along with another trailer built for communications, but is being used for storage right now. I hauled up a huge load of equipment on a dual axle trailer last year, and it's all sitting in an open area. As far as a "guide" and help, I have a former caretaker that now lives up there full time on his own place 4-5 miles from my lands.
    I have about 4-5 tons of equipment and supplies to move up there along with another 12 x 60 mobile home. There is already one 12 x 60 mobile home on-site right now. I am trying to purchase a larger trailer for hauling in water and supplies, and it would have to be a tandem/dual axle type.
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