Annual Holiday Omakase with Bear

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    As we prepare for the transition from year end to new year, and to celebrate another year gone by, not to mention our friendship, we meet for our holiday omakase. Omakase means something like, "I entrust to you." Or cruder, "Chef's choice."

    Thanks again Bear for another year of friendship! You da man!!


    Miso soup


    Part of our miso butterfish order (went for it before remembering to take a piccie)


    Assorted sushi


    Assorted rolls


    More sushi

    It was packed today and super busy. So busy that we didn't get our customary free green tea ice cream.

    Oh was awesome. The company even better.
  2. kellory

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    It is good to have such friends.
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  3. enloopious

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    Oh that sushi looks so good. I miss having a local sushi place.
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  4. BTPost

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    @Hanzo Is that salmon Caviar I see in the last picture?... If so what Brand? did you know that the Place I work at has the Premier Salmon Caviar Brand in Japan.... XIP Brand Caviar, and was first produced in the early 1980s by Osamu Muro, our Sugiko Head Tech.... .....
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  5. Hanzo

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    Ikura is salmon roe. No clue as to the brand. But it was delicious!
  6. BTPost

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    Ikura is Chum (Dog) Salmon Caviar... And yea, Baby it is GOOD.. Although some call it "Bait"......
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