another LIST Prohibited Items Into Venezuela

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    DHL Express Import Guidelines: Venezuela
    Shipping guidelines, standard prohibitions and restrictions to consider when sending express shipments to Venezuela

    Prohibited Commodities for Venezuela
    • Airline tickets, blank stock (NI)

    • Antiques (breakable and/or fragile)

    • Asbestos

    • Credit card blanks (NI)

    • Furs

    • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)

    • Ivory

    • Pornography

    • Gas Masks

    • Bullet Proof & Personal Protection Vests

    • Police / Personal Shields

    • Police Type Batons

    • Air, Paint, BB Guns & Related Ammunitions

    • Sling Shots of Any Type

    • Crossbows

    • Arrows

    • Telescopic Sights

    • Walkie-Talkies / 2 Way Radios

    • Fishing Sinkers

    • Drones

    • Pepper Spray

    • Mace

    • First Aid Kits

    • Eye Drops

    • Surgical Robes / Gowns

    • Medical / Surgical Gauze

    • Antacids

    • Tasers / Electroshock Weapon

    • Roller Balls & Ball Bearings (Metallic/Rubber)

    • Marbles (of any Type and Material)

    • Items Containing Compressed Gas / Air

    • Knives of Any Type / Class (includes Machetes & Axes)

    • Protective Sporting Goods

    • Camouflage Items

    • Helmets of Any Type

    • Chest Protectors / Breastplates

    • Protective Gloves (Latex. Rubber, Surgical)

    • Protective Goggles

    • Disposable / Surgical Masks

    • Ski Masks

    • Golf Balls

    • Baseballs

    • Baseball Bats

    • Face Masks / Protectors

    • Elbow & Knee Protectors

    • Megaphones

    • Balloons of Any Type

    and more at
    DHL | Express Import Guidelines | English
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    Talk about disarmament..., but balloons???
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    In the 1950s the army used balloons the float nuclear weapons to test altitude.
    It was a lot cheaper and a lot more reliable than rockets of the day.
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    :lol:I think it's a riot! They wanted a socialist paradise and now they've got it.
    The thing that ain't funny? Coming soon to a state near you..
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  5. stg58

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    When are Bernie and slim Mike headed down there and depositing ALL of their cash in Venezuelan banks..

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    sure balloons. ever hear poisons or explosives or instant fire starting agents that only require mixing or contact of two mixtures even though each mixture by itself is stable..? they exist believe me. good weapons chemist could come up with any number of proper inert mixtures that could be weaponized. take a couple balloons each inert but together toxic, instantaneously flammable, toxic to touch or inhalation, maybe toxic smoke producing, or explosive. put one of each in a glass jar and in city toss from roofs or high windows on enemy in streets below. not rocket science, but pretty awesome in a destructive way any hoo.
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    @tacmotusn .. Obviously, I never thought about that aspect. All I could conjure up were water balloons. :D
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  8. BTPost

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    Water Ballons filled with gasoline....
  9. Gator 45/70

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    I guess this would have to be deployed post haste?
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