Any experience with these masks?

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    New Israeli M15 masks. Looks like a good price. I am skeptical of old production masks, but comments say its 2002. Any mask that is not of superior design makes me nervous. I've liked the ratings provided on this website in the past.

    New Israeli NBC Gas Mask and Filters - M15 Military and youth child gas masks
    Approved Gas Masks - New NBC Masks from MSA Scott SGE North and more gas mask and filter Note the comments on the M15. They say to check valves and seals. Also, must be less than 20 years old.

    I have one complete NBC suit, SGE mask, boots, gloves and a large supply of 40mm filters for myself. I also have four others to care for. I have extra suits, boots and gloves, but I do not have masks for them. I have built a positive pressure, HEPA filtered "hut" at home for weathering that storm. These masks would not be a primary need, at this point.

    These M15 masks would be for the others. They will likely only fit one, maybe two of the four. It will be years before the others will grow into them.

    I'm a little torn on buying them and putting them away. SG has a good return policy, if I get them, and they are old, I can send back no problem. Same thing, if they don't fit well. I don't see them as a good barter item. If you can't breath the air outside, I don't see commerce being in high demand. (that could be debated).

    I'm looking for the collective wisdom here .... Are these worth messing around?

    Also, I was going to call SG and see if they could check expiration on these ... 20 New Swiss Military Gas Mask Filters, Olive Drab, Military Surplus, Brand Not Specified, Siwtzerland Military Gas Mask Filters Olive Drab Twenty Pack New Certified Swiss Filters at Sportsman's Guide

    They are standard NATO 40mm threaded for my current mask and the new ones.
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    Has to far better than the US M-17 style...or the Czech copy of them: the M-10's!
    Those are real bears to use, as far as changing out filters!
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