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    In that I mean: I am trying to locate people in the area where my land is located, for caretakeking/security reasons....
    Don't want to post it incorrectly!
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    We don't have a dedicated thread where anyone can or should feel comfortable posting info that should remain secure, not to mention that the pool of possibles is too big. You might put an ad in the local fish wrapper, and meet anyone who answers at Mickey D's for a cuppa rather than on site, until you have a chance to figure out if they are trustworthy. You could also ask a pastor if there is a congregant that might want to earn an extra area to hunt on.
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    Here is what I want to do/need:

    "Northern Arizona...
    Needed ASAP: 1 or 2 people available for "off-grid" living, to secure and safeguard my land, my property, my supplies and my equipment. I have a lot invested and need a couple to oversee it's welfare! I have had previous problems and setbacks with items being damaged and stolen from my land.
    Must be honest, devoted, trustworthy, and have own trailer or RV, and either a pickup or 4WD vehicle. Best if you are on either social security, disability, or some other type of stipend/income for your monthly/long term subsistence.
    I am willing to pay $100.00 per week/or more, for the right person/s. YOU Must be in good physical and mental condition. The area is isolated, densly covered with conifers, and several miles from any city/township. Verizon cellular works good in most of the areas. Wireless internet and even satellite tv can be had in this area. NO electricity available on site, must be solar or generator provided only. Water must be brought in...and stored. Possibly, a vehicle may be provided to assist you with carrying in your supplies, etc. CAUTION: Definitely Not for the feint of heart!
    Area can be Very Primitive as far as living conditions, but it can be entertaining with the proper mindset and additudes. I Prefer a 2 person team/husband & wife, as the area can be hazardous if you are not in good condition/single/alone. I will be coming into the area on a regularly monthly or bi-monthly trips, to bring additional equipment and supplies as funds allow it. WARNING: Area has varied amounts of snowfall in winter, and it can be dusty and windy on occasion. In summers, temperatures may get up to 90's or higher. This area has an elevation equal to that of Williams, Arizona, and is in the same vicinity, inside of Coconino County. If you are a hunter, there are ample opportunities to hunt Elk, Antelope, and Deer in the area. Serious inquiries ONLY, PLEASE! Time is of the essence now.....
    Please contact me ASAP @"

    The amount of responses a previous ad on "survival blog" on JWR's site was tremendous, BUT, 99% of the responders wanted me to pay, to move them, Or worse. Many assumed that they could live up there in a tent, and build a "log cabin" in the interim. 1) NO trees big enough to do that on my land, or the surrounding lands! 2) Temps can drop into the teens, and there have been winds up to and in excess of 45 mph! ( can you say windchill factor?) Recently there were windgusts of up to 70+mph. Not a good scenario for tent living!
    I had 1 person on-site for 1 month, then my real problems began. I have had 2 separate county sheriff's offices involved, and have had numerous "incidents" of trespassers (?) and theft (?) Now I have suffered serious damages and intrusion whereas: the doors have been removed from 2 of my trailers on the site...
    By my so-called "caretaker"!
    Who knew?
    I had begun to put up fencing, no trespassing signage, and so on,... only to have my "caretaker", take it all down, fearing it drew un-wanted attention!
    I spent 10 days putting in "t" posts and lines where to run the boundary fence lines, just to have the entire work removed behind my back....
    He insists that my work has made the area more enticing....
    Without my "no trespassing" signs, I cannot keep the land or my trailers and equipment secured.
    Go figure this one!
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    Looks close to the Grand Canyon! Surrounding area is way too flat for my taste and I can barely live on $100/day! I gotta cut back on my beer intake... :oops:But dang it's close to Vegas!

    But in all seriousness, I have come across a few different posting places for people looking for everything from ready made groups to those wishing to start them out. Hell 3/4 of the adds are for single men looking for a wife...I gotta say I wouldn't trust the lot of them.

    It's hard to earn my trust and friendship but those that do know I'd go to the ends of the earth for them. This small community here at the Monkey seems to be a fairly good group of people. I might even go so far as to say I'd like to sit and drink a beer with some of ya! I think your best bet is to look to someone that you already know and trust. Maybe you've gone there already and nothing has come of it...? Dunno.

    But I think it's [loco] the way people solicit for similar services on open forums around the interwebs. The world's full of kooks and quacks and the internet has just made it easier for them to find us. Maybe I'm just a little too 'old school' when it comes to trust.

    I wish you the best in your search though and hope you find what you need! Man am I such a downer today.

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