Anyone Got Experience With The Dakotah Water Stuffer?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by TXKajun, Apr 20, 2012.

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    I've had about enough of making do with my Kitchen Aid sausage stuffer and am looking to replace it with something a lot better and easier. I ran across the Dakotah 9 lb water stuffer and it's really got my curious up. It's about $140 plus shipping. It has multiple tips and I can buy the jerky making attachment for another $49 or so. I've also been looking at the LEM 5 lb vertical sausage stuffer.

    Anyone got experience with either of these?

  2. melbo

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    Nope but give us a full report if you purchase one.
  3. TXKajun

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    After not being able to find many independent reviews of the Dakotah Water Stuffer, I went with the LEM 5 lb stuffer which had 5 star reviews all over the place. Should be here Friday.

    I'm soooooo close to having my Cajun smoked pure pork sausage recipe down! Little less salt, little shorter smoking time, little more fat and hopefully that'll do it.

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    OK, I just got through using my LEM 5 lb stuffer for the first time. I am HIGHLY impressed! Took it out of box, washed with warm, soapy water and rinsed well per instructions. My meat grinder (Kitchen Aid with grinder attachment) worked great on 7.5 lbs seasoned pork. Took about 10-15 minutes to grind. I put it in the fridge for several hours, then put the stuffer together and filled with 1/2 the pork mixture. Ran 2 hanks of casing, refilled, then another 2 hanks of casing. All told, took me about 20-30 minutes to stuff the entire amount. Considering it was taking me 2+ hours on the Kitchen Aid stuffer for 5 lbs, this is a major improvement! WOOHOO! I think, with a bit of experience, I outta be able to get it down to 10-15 minutes or so. Easy-peasy! Cleanup was all of 5 minutes with hot soapy water and sponge. The body, plunger and tube could easily go into dishwasher. Some folks have complained that the tubes are plastic, but I think that's great....cuz they're teflon, not plastic....and the casing slides easily onto the tube.

    Stuffer comes with clamps for clamping onto counter and they work great. WOW!

    I ended up with about 1/4 lb "unstuffed" mixture in the body and tube. I'll fry that up tonite for dinner.

    One "oops" happened. The plunger disc got detached from the worm driver on the 2nd batch. I got a medium sized pair of pliers and used the vent nut to get the plunger out of the body. Not a big deal. I just need to check it's tight before running a batch thru the stuffer.

    I'll let it sit overnight in fridge on parchment paper to allow the casing to dry, then do the smoking on Saturday.

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  6. ghrit

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    Mmmm. PORK sausage. Almost as good as bacon.
  7. TXKajun

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    It's in the smoker now. :) Another 2 hours smoke, about another 4-5 hours after that to come up to temp, a good rinse in cold water, let it dry, then bloom in fridge overnight and it'll be ready. Yeah, a ton of work, but better than paying $11-15/lb to get it shipped here.

    I had about 1/4 lb left over that I cooked up last night (not smoked). It was REAL tasty!

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    Success!! I am very happy to report that my last batch of Cajun-style pure pork smoked sausage was awesome! Sweetie and I had some last night and she said "Don't you dare change a THING!" smile. Like I said, I used the NOLA cuisine dot com andouille recipe, but replaced the thyme with onion powder. I cut the salt down by 1/2 for this batch, increased fat ratio to 30% (5 lbs pork butt meat and 2.5 lbs pork fat), cut the smoke time down to 3 hours, and left in smoker @165 F until internal temp of sausage was 152 degrees F. Cooled with water in sink, then let dry, put in fridge overnight to bloom and then tried it out. WOWZERS!! I'd put my sausage up against any sausage outta SW LA in a taste test.

    Yep, I'm proud! LOLOL This is something I've been wanting to do, and do well, ever since we moved to SE NM and away from all my good Cajun food, 10 years ago.

  9. STANGF150

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    ummm.........TXKajun, we Monkeys are skeptical people. Soooooo, we're gonna need sum test samples as we simpley can not take yer word for it being good sausage. :D
  10. TXKajun

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    Stang, I completely understand the skepticism! Not a problem getting you a pound. Simply send me your VISA or MC (with the highest limit) cc number, date of expiration, number on the back, and billing address; ssn; bank account #, ATM card # and PIN; first born girl child (only if she's gainfully employed!!); and $1000 cash deposit. I'll ship you out a pound as soon as I can. :D This goes for all you other DT's out there (doubting thomases). LOLOL

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