Anyone looking for some good strong storage shelves?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by natshare, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. natshare

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    I've waited a couple months for these to go on sale (once I decided I needed more shelves), and thought I'd let everyone know about it as well, in case you're looking too. :)

    Target has their "Room Essentials" brand wire shelves on sale this week (thru Saturday). 72"H x 36"W x 18"D shelving units are running $40 (normally $50), and the 48" wide units (same height and depth) are $54 each.

    These shelves have been great for me to use in the past, and I have about 8 of them scattered around my house already, but needed something quick and easy, but heavy duty, to start storing my food items on. Mostly so that I can rotate them in and out (so nothing spoils before it's used), and to give me more room for storage. The shelves are easy to set up, and will hold a ton of weight (350 pounds per shelf, and each unit has 5 shelves), so they're perfect for my use.

    I stopped down to my local Target on Sunday, when I saw them in the newspaper ad, and bought up all the 36" wide units. I'll be going down there again, probably Friday or Saturday, to see if they got any more in, and maybe get a rain check if they didn't. Oh yeah, and you can fit 3 of the big boxes these come in, into the back of a Jeep Wrangler, with plenty of room for a 4th unit, so long as you fold the back seat forward! LOL

    Here's links to the product pages on Target, in case you want to check them out.
    Room Essentials™ 5-Tier Wire Shelving - Black : Target (36" wide)
    Room Essentials Chrome 5 Tier Wide Shelving Unit : Target (48" wide)
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    They look strong.

    The 48" shelves...

    Features: Fixed Shelves, Open Shelves
    Frame Material: Metal
    Metal Finish: Chrome
    Surface Material: Metal
    Finish: Polished
    Number of Shelves: 5
    Maximum Shelf Weight Capacity: 350.0 Lb.
    Maximum Weight Capacity: 1750.0 Lb.
    Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
    Dimensions: 72.0 " H x 47.63 " W x 18.0 " D
    Weight: 40.17 Lb.
    Assembly Details: assembly required, no tools needed
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    Decorative cement blocks and 2X6s any length will give you some fine storage that will hold anything you put on them. I used 12 blocks and six 2bys to build 14' shelves. Could have easily gone higher. Now in the man cave I have used perforated sheet metal angle iron and bolted them together. Buy what length you want and cut to fit with a hack saw. Just did a brass storage shelf on the end of the reloading bench that holds 14 calibers in plastic coffee cans. I like building shelves to the length needed instead of the factory units--stronger too.
    ETA: 4X8X16" blocks are #$1 each and 2Xs @3 so each shelf will cost you @$12. Not bad for super strong shelves.
  4. john316

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    if you really load the shelves the blocks with the cells up and down....remember when you see a Decorative cement block wall it is not holding a load up...only itself. imho.........ymmv
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    @natshare what is the measurement between the shelves?
  6. Pax Mentis

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    At 72" high, and looking at the picture, it would almost have to be about 17.5". :)
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  7. natshare

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    Sorry for not getting back here before now! Busy weekend!! :rolleyes:

    Actually, that's what I love about these shelves. YOU pick the spacing between, as each shelf has tapered pieces that the uprights go through, and a pair of plastic pieces that fit around the upright, and click into place at ~1" intervals. As the weight of the shelf pushes down on the plastic pieces, they pretty much lock into place on the upright.

    In fact, I have one of these shelf units in my kitchen, and made the bottom shelf high enough up that my portable dishwasher slides in under that shelf (~3.5 feet up off the floor), while my microwave sits on top of that shelf, and has just enough power cord to reach the outlet. This keeps me from using up the precious little bit of counter room I have, by putting my microwave oven on the counter, and gives me storage above the dishwasher. When I need to use it, I can wheel the dishwasher over to the sink, and then wheel it back when I'm done with it, and it's out of the way. :sneaky:

    So as to your question, Motomom, you can place the shelves pretty much at any spacing you want them to be.
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