Anyone tried dehydrating ground beef?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Ajax, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Ajax

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    I remember reading something about this, I can't find the link at the moment but will look later at home.

    Basically you get the leanest ground beef you can, pan fry it, bake it or in my case use a professional dehydrator and then store it.

    So what I am wondering is, if you dehydrated the meat, stored it in mason jars that you vacuum sealed how long could you expect them to last?

    Also, if you salt it a little heavier would that make any difference how long it would store.
  2. Old Sarge

    Old Sarge Old Sarge

    I remember reading somewhere about this, and if my memory isn't gone completely, I think the title was "Hamburger Rocks". The article basically stated what you just said. After cooking thoroughly, then put it into Mason/Ball jars, and sealing.
  3. Old Sarge

    Old Sarge Old Sarge

  4. Ajax

    Ajax Monkey++

    Yeah that's it, thanks!!!! Anyone have an idea how long something like this will store in a vacuum sealed mason jar or quart size mylar bag?
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