anyone used their preps?

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    We have two types, short term for power outages so far a little over two weeks is the record and these are the ones we use the most. We have matters now so we are more than comfortable. Modern homes aren't designed for wood heat so we have kerosene heaters to fill in. A few propane tanks and an adapter keeps the Coleman stove cooking meals.

    The usual reason is:

    Which is a experience I wouldn't wish on others. ;)

    I've learned a lot from the folks here and I am always thankful for the exchange.

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    I have never had a situation that I needed to use mine.... thankfully since I never had any. Since I am just getting organized (I've always been a closet prepper) I am able to get set up and going correctly. Making it a lifestyle of eating, using and rotating what you have. We really are creatures of habit eating and using the same things. I am excited to really get the ball rolling by canning and drying all the food I grow (year 5 on my garden).
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