AR Upper $239.99 Midway today only again free shipping

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by AD1, Jul 3, 2017.

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    That sale has been 1 day only on and off for a month now.

    Personally, I don't like Stoner, but I suppose it will do for those on a budget and really want a traditional setup. Midway does have some excellent sales at times.
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    Actually 2 in the last month. I get the email alerts from them.

    Is great for a first entry level AR build. Include the BCG also, just add a lower and you are ready.

    I have 4 ther AR platforms and all of them have uppers that are 3-4 X this price. Hell the rail cost more than this but again if someone wanted to get in cheap, this is a great way to put together a sub $500 AR.
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    As do I. Along with the 2,599 other emails from Midway every day. Seriously, though --it's a lot. I have held out this long because they do have some really good sales.
    Got it, built perhaps 1 in my lifetime before. May have handled one, not sure. :whistle:

    Cheap isn't always the best way. I would say, if you're desperate, sure. I would recommend reading the reviews on Stoner parts, the barrels and quality of machining, and the condition of the bolt. If you are willing to deal with the possibility this upper may not work at all, then have at it.
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    I built all my ARs except the first DPMS i bought 20 plus years ago, including a DMPS SAS 308. Started collecting parts for that when a pvt sale lower came available. Took about a year but it was worth the wait a its a great shooting rifle.

    Good thing about building is you really learn the AR system.

    On the review front 4.6 out of 5 is pretty good with 308 reviews.
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    Yeah, I just noticed that. Strange, I swear it wasn't doing as well last time I checked.
    Good to know the majority of folks have had no serious troubles. All I see now are some reviews about chipped parts, but functionality is still good.
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    May try one at that price. Don't really know about the upper, but from the reviews I read it is a great bargain in almost all cases. Once in a while one slips thru with problems as at that price the QC might not be tops. Have had great luck dealing with Midway and that means a lot to me.
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    Looks like all the product made in fear of the Hildebeast are being shaken loose. Hard to believe that you can buy a stripped lower for $50 around here and pick up an upper for about $250 and even have choices. For the price of 1 night in a good hotel in Boston, you can get an AR 15, a simple sight, and a couple of mags. Tomorrow one of my friends, not a prepper, is going to Boston for the 4 th of July celebration, a little partying, and spending the night in a hotel, a lot cheaper and safer than a DWI I know, but would scream at me for wasting money on an AR 15. Life is all about choices and the ones we make.
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  13. Seawolf1090

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    I just received my AR-Stoner package, with stock kit and lower parts kit. Got an 80% lower too.
    I figure by the time it's complete, I will have as much into it as my DPMS Sportical I bought locally last year.
    But I will know it intimately.
    There is a video on Youtube of a guy testing his new AR-Stoner upper on a few different lowers. He likes it, and had no problems with it.
    Is it "as good" as a $2,000 custom AR?
    NOPE. But I cannot justify that kind of money on a poodle-shooter.
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