Are survivalists jumping the gun?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Yard Dart, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. kellory

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    The monk of the lake from recent news stories. Broke into cabins, took what he needed, never used a weapon, just a thief and burglar. But he lived solo for what? A year or two? Folks knew about him, but could not find him.
    If survival alone is the goal, solo and very little gear is proven by current events.
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  2. ghrit

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    First, understand that me charging off into someplace with just a shirt is not going to happen. Then consider the context of this thread, and this: I not only think, I KNOW that my ability to adapt, improvise, and overcome is hampered greatly. You've no doubt seen the old saw, don't screw with old men they'll just shoot you? Color me in that camp, and KNOW yourownself that my six is not ignored. YOU think before you jump me or my kind in a dark alley or an open field. Keep your challenges to think for when YOU need them.
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  3. chimo

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    Uh, sorry, but SHTF doesn't care if you got your gear or not...fact of the matter is that none of us are going to have much of a choice concerning where we are and what our circumstances are when it happens. Indeed, Murphy dictates it will probably happen when we are indeed in a situation where all we have is the shirt on our backs. This was made painfully clear to me during a little earthquake in Japan when I was caught out without even the shirt on my back...I was in the freakin shower when next thing I know the ground is shaking around me and the wall that used to be behind me was no longer there...just a nice three story drop. Luckily is was just an earthquake and not TEOTWAWKI...cuz I would have been faced with surviving with literally nothing but my shriveled widdle "gun" in my hand.

    Once again you are making the assumption that I have to "jump you" to get what I need. That is an incorrect assumption which indicates that you think force is the only solution to a problem. It isn't. ;)
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  4. yeti695

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    Ill just leave it at this we agree to disagree. None of us know exactly what would happen. Thats the truth. The only thing we know for sure is that everyone will act differently to the situation, let just hope for his sake and everyone else out there that believes they can survive this way that they can. We could throw so many scenario into where everyone is a doctor (which this guy is not), an engineer, or whatever occupation that someone would seem highly valuable in this type event, where they just happen to need such skills in the group. I just know that there is alot of mean and ugly people out there that would come out like roaches with the light go out, to run a muck. I also know there are alot of good people out there that would help others.
  5. Kingfish

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    One thing I am sure of. If this country and or the world cascades into chaos it will not be pretty. It will not be romantic and it will not be much fun unless you like eating the same crap every day, munching on bugs and cat tail roots. An event that ends the world as we know it will be brutal on women and children with the worst pain and suffering from the latter. They wont understand why there are no more fruit loops and gummy bears. and they will cry on and on. Today's children are doomed Without parents and grand parents to help them to learn and live. It is my goal to lessen that pain for my Grand kids. They visit often in the summer months and help me with the Garden so they know where the food comes from. They pick berries so they know where the sweet food comes from. They go fishing with Gramps and grandma so they know how to catch fish. Soon my grand son will kill his first deer. He is only 8 years old but I cant let him wait much longer. He has to learn soon. Practical prepping is what I am about. Yes , I have a big Generator and enough fuel for a decade or more. We stock piles of ammo and long term food. We trained to kill people. It is a sick thing but we had to do it. We devised evil traps and other sadistic things to deter or kill invaders. But we also have axes, rakes, shovels, a garden, rabbits and Chickens . This is a life style now. The bug out happened a long time ago. The world didnt end and some family members think we are nuts. Others are wishing they would have got on board when we did. The skeptical ones are starting to get nervous. My brother lost a pile of money last fall in the stock market he will never get it back and he knows it. He asked me the other day how we are dealing with the high prices of food with so little income. I showed him the freezer. Rabbit, fish, Venison, Chicken , sweet corn, Green beans, then we moved to the pantry and he was floored. Canned good bought only when on sale for less than half wht they pay. Coffee for a year. for 1/3 of what they pay. Our Tomatoes that we canned. Being a practical prepper is just like my grand parents lived when they canned the garden, stored up on food when it was on sale instead of buying a little at a time and paying out the nose. Sales are key to the practical prepper. Save money by buying in bulk. This is beyond prepping. This is life.
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    A valid point. Most people think about the homeless as little as possible. Even most alleged survivalists would lose their minds if suddenly placed in a similar situation. That said, most frugal country people do a fair amount of scavenging and recycling already and they're more likely to have a place to bring things they 'might use' in the future.

    Jake Cassar, for all the good example he sets about acquiring survival skills, sounds a bit of a mental case. The vegetarians are going to be eaten? Why not the meat-eaters along with them? And how would the aspiring cannibal know the difference? This suggests to me that he has just enough intelligence to be made uncomfortable by people who do not believe that we humans all have some inborn right to kill everything we see and take everything we see so he'd like to get rid of them. That's an attitude that has caused a lot of deprivation and misery if only because there are too many of us on the planet with a few common traits: greed, arrogance and general disregard for the natural environment that nurtures us and for all the other creatures sharing the planet with us. If I'm going to bet on people's chances of long-term survival and more: of conserving enough decency to make them worth saving at all, my money's on those with the lighter footprint on the earth.
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  7. Legion489

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    Exactly my point. Unless this is sarcasm, as a carrier I am immune.
  8. Kingfish

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    For one the Ideologies of the three leading candidates are all different. Hillary will continue with no changes as she is bought and paid for by the very corporations her Husband empowered with N.A.F.T.A. and G.A.T.T. She will continue with free unrestricted trade with Communists and other low life . Sanders is the most radical of the three and though he favors ending the trade deals and returning to a state of protectionism his other socialist programs would be a disaster for the country economically. Then you have Trump. He is also a nationalist, protectionist who has the business savvy to create jobs but lack s any foreign policy making experience. He is the best of the three by far and can be helped out with good cabinet members and a solid vice president.
  9. saltbush

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    I'm inclined to agree with you, much as the Right keeps pandering to religious nutcases; i.e. Taliban with cowboy hats, trying to drive me back to the Left. If the Repubs ever want to win another election, they have to stop going out of their way to alienate 52% of the electorate. Trump's foreign policy will do just fine, if nationalism and protectionism are at the base of it, a common-sense outlook we haven't seen in far too long. NAFTA was as much Bush's baby as it was BJ Bill's. The RINOs, including Lying Ted, are every bit as much vassals of corporatocracy as the Clintons. Even the most clueless American Democrats aren't crossing the aisle to vote in religious fundie perverts anyway but there are many who will for Trump just because they know he isn't bought by the globalists, the communists, the medical insurance mafias, Big Pharma, Monsanto and the rest of a long list of entities that clearly don't have our best interests at heart.

    We're tired of seeing the indigent rewarded whilst the productive are punished and seeing all our industry handed over to countries, and people, that hate our guts. Most White Democrats, and a fair number of other varieties who want to keep our living standard, lip service to Party Line or not, don't really want the USA turned into a Third World craphole - which is what we're going to get with a continuing flood of Third World, low IQ people into the country. Illegals are murdering more Americans per day than we're losing in all our war theaters together per day and Trump stands alone in having the guts and common decency to point that out and show any willingness to put a stop to it. He's not going to tell our Border Patrol that they're not allowed to use force to stop armed drug cartels that are chopping off people's heads from walzing across our border like they own the country already and he's not going to stack our federal offices with Muslim terrorists - as the present one is certainly doing.

    A lot of us Americans who have been a little slow about prepping and survival skills can at least thank Obummer's policies for forcing us to get started. :) Those of us who are seniors on tightly-budgeted incomes have learnt to live on little more than nothing so we're not nearly so afraid of deprivation as we used to be and now we can teach younger Americans even more than we thought we could. More of us are staying out of doctor's offices and running up medical bills and have learnt to help ourselves with the medicines nature gave us because we know this Administration wants to kill us. We're the largest patriot voting base left in the country, the last generation that managed to get its education before the dumbing-down and social engineering got started in earnest, facts that aren't lost on the traitors infesting Washington.
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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  11. Legion489

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    Jake Cassar, for all the good example he sets about acquiring survival skills, sounds a bit of a mental case. The vegetarians are going to be eaten? Why not the meat-eaters along with them? And how would the aspiring cannibal know the difference?

    Well I for one went on a all vegetarian diet. It was easy to do. They were hippies, pinkos, weak, skinny, whiny leftists and 'ran' (or rather grouped) in large... um... weeds, plots, lawns, flocks, degenerates? What ever the proper word is. The meat was stringy and tasted like tofu and after awhile they started running away, but since there wasn't enough meat (food value) to be had after chasing them down I was forced to quit, but for a while there the eating was easy.
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  12. AxesAreBetter

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    I like that. A "Weed of Vegetarians" was last seen Tuesday evening, in a white van leaving town. LMAO!
  13. saltbush

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    @Witch Doctor 01, try it and get back to us, if you can run fast enough, which I much doubt.
    @Legion489, if all you all can manage is the trolling I see here, you are beneath my notice. You make a serious, possibly deadly mistake is assuming that all who have the least snick of conscience and responsibility towards the natural world in which we all live are also the PC 'everybody is equal' crowd. I have never been under such a delusion. Some human lives really are worth a lot more than others. Shallow-minded , lowly-born idiots are completely dispensable.:)
    @AxesAreBetter: at least you managed to amuse yourself, which I'm guessing you're often forced to do, but I haven't the least idea what you're talking about.
  14. Tikka

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    I'll keep both the brain and the weapons, thank you. ;)

    As we have what we need, I don't need force to get what I need. Force is need to prevent others from taking what we have or harming us and nothing more.
    We can do fine with what we have and what we can grow without force. Force is is needed for those who wish to do us or our neighbors harm and nothing else,
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  15. fedorthedog

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    Who can name an Empire that never fell?
  16. AxesAreBetter

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    Legion made a post about...going on an all vegetarian diet, and had a thing on whatever you call a group of vegetarians, threw out a few things like weed, bunch, etc. I am now going to exclusively call a group of vegetarians a weed of them. haha.
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  17. zombierspndr

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    You know, preparedness ain't about SHTF or's about life in general, planning ahead for what might happen instead of what we would like to happen. Preparedness should make all of your life better, not just a short period of it during a job loss/medical issue/sudden death of a spouse/aliens with biochemicalnuclear anal probes/whatever. If a preparedness plan doesn't do that, it's a are the people that media likes to interview as "representatives" of it.
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  18. chelloveck

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    I think that there are better post apocalyptic fantasies than being a bee pollen hoarding , one shirt owning, fortnightly pay check dependant, semi feral public servant. If the world turns into a post silicone chip, retro-lithic stone age...survival will be by family, bands, clans and tribal groupings....much the same way that some third world places operate.... without needing any well resourced strong local/regional or central government.
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  19. Legion489

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    Is it me or did someone go waaaay beyond their beddy-bye and get a widdle cranky?
  20. chelloveck

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    Ketchup hides a multitude of culinary sins, misdemeanours and felonies. :eek:
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