Are the MICH and ACH, much better than the PASGT?

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  1. I bought a Unicor PASGT helmet for $8, and I’m wondering if I should keep it or sell it, becouse the MICH and ACH seem better.

    Apparently it’s a level II, It’s heavy (newer helmets weigh less), and I’ve heard they’re more comfortable.

    And from the research I did it can stop 9mm and .357 but the dents on the inside of the helmet caused by a 9mm are deadly.

    Do level IIIA helmets (where do they come up with IIIA rating anyway? NIJ only tests helmets up to II)
    Offer any better ballistic protection as far as dents on the inside of the helmet, compaired to the level II PASGT?

    Thanks. :)

    Also if any of you know of a good body armor forum, that would be very useful to me.
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    The materials used in the ACH are better and less likely to delaminate like the PASGT helmets would. They are lighter and the suspension is way more comfortable. The four point harness is much more stable if you don't have a crappy one that won't stay locked in place. The lack of a brim allowes for much easier NVG attachment than the PASGT with the brim. With the higher cut, it is much easier to hear and you don't seem to get as much "wind whistle" as with the PASGT. If you have to go into the prone with armor, you are much more likely to be able to see your weapon sights. The pad suspension allows you to move them around to accomodate a lumpy head better and with different thickness pads, you can fit more people than before.
    The down side is that they are cut higher to allow better movement with body armor, but give something like %17 less protection than the PASGT.
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