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    ** * * * -Armchair Survivalist No More-*
    My name is Tony my friends call me Mojo or surviver man. I have been living the last 9 months on the road, doing what i can to live off the land or with the land. Harvesting wild edible plants, mushrooms & herbs, fishing & hunting small game. I lived in the Shasta-Trinity National forest for 7 months this past year, and planning to go back this spring soon as the snow melts a bit. Last year I made it to Shasta on may 5th with little snow still on the ground.

    I'm looking for people that want to join me in this adventure and come to the forest and live what you have been learning. If you can't come live out here with us, at least come out and spend a week with us, teach us what you know what you have learned. We will be glad to do the same.

    Here is my contact info
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    Didn't you post this once already.... What, are you trolling for Babes....
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    No not trolling for babes, was not sure if it posted last time. I did not see it
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    Matsuninja, all you need to do to see if your posts show is to check in your CP under "list subscriptions." If they show for you there, they show everywhere, and for everybody. Since you've posted it twice, this thread is now locked, and we will see if the other thread is answered. Good luck with your recruitment.
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