Armor.. What is your level.

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  1. Yard Dart

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    We like to be prepared for what may come......
    Have you put thought into your personal protection?!
    Do you have various levels of protective armor for you and the team?
    What are you doing to get all protective measures in place when it comes to vest or other such armor equipment?
    Three Seattle police officers shot, one suspect dead, two in custody

  2. Tempstar

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    IIa here, and it hangs in the closet anymore. Have SAPI plates for it but have never worn them.
    Side Note: A friend was shot by buckshot during a dynamic entry. He caught 1 pellet in the thigh, the rest hit his level III vest. He spent a week in the hospital with internal bleeding (spleen) and the bruising was visible a month later. He freely admits he got stupid because he had the vest on and took chances he normally would not have. If you get hit, you may survive but you ain't gonna want to continue mission.
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  3. snake6264

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    To me its all about weight what are you willing to trade for the weight
    So its Buggin in or Buggin out then decide No use in buying something you can't take with you
    If you have a secure location then its the best you can afford but to me its all about the weight
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  4. Tully Mars

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    Plan for SHTF is for this to be everyday wear esp outdoors.
    Model 13 - Ballistic T-shirt

    For "ops" and when on OP duty this.
    Products tagged with 'Molle Vest'

    I made my own plates for the carriers using AR500 plate and then coating with Rhino lining. Didn't see the point in paying for the plates when I have the material here to fab them. Before anyone asks, no I did not get the plate hot enough during cutting to damage it.

    Vest and plates are friggin heavy, esp for a 54 year old man/woman. Most likely a person my age ain't gonna go buggin out with this crap strapped to their chest plus everything else and get anywhere with any type of speed. Something to think about before you buy.
    Headgear is standard .mil issue type.
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  5. Dunerunner

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    I have a thick jacket, but that is just in case it gets cold... :cautious:
  6. Brokor

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    IIIA soft for mobile ops, I don't use plates. I would use plates if I were strictly defensive, standing around in the open like the military prefers. Light, agile, unseen is the method.
  7. sec_monkey

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    yall aint got X-01 Mk 6? :D :lol:
  8. Olympic mountain man

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  9. sec_monkey

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    :lol: [winkthumb]
  10. arleigh

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    When it's my time to go , I believe God will let it happen.
    Till then, He's done a good job watchin over this old fellow, all the armor in the world won't make a difference either way.
    I do not tempt God "deliberately" ,I've had my share of adventures.
    Statistically with all I been through, i'm rather thrilled to have lived this long with only a few cuts and scrapes and burns.
    Not discounting any one else's level of faith or experience, but, If when some special action needs taken in this regard, God will supply one way or another, He always has. But so far it's not been a priority for me.
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