Augason Farms to Cease Production

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by nkawtg, Oct 8, 2021.

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    So, trouble getting Chow from China?
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    All of that chicom junk is sitting in 50 to 70 container ships off of Los Angeles plus many more in SF and Seattle who knows how many ore off of the East coast.


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    Did the Railroads stop running? or did the Truckers stop driving? or the Longshoremen stop unloading ships? where is the bottleneck and how did Slo-Joe, or his Stunt Double cause this….
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  5. oil pan 4

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    This is their planned degrowth agenda bs.
    I didn't know how they planned to pull it off, guess this is it.
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  6. Yard Dart

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    Bottom line, there is no trucker or longshoremen shortage.... something else is in play.
    Probably using covid protocols to grind the ports to a halt.....
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    If that food comes direct from China, then it's probably just some Covid restrictions and protocols like YD mentioned. Also, there are a lot of Communists claiming to be American these days and they can work in any or all of the affected job positions.
    I know it's bad all over the country, you can't turn on the radio without hearing endless blasts about hiring for warehouse work all over. Mostly immigrants and other Leftists filled a large portion of those roles, but there's not enough new chattel to fill the rosters these days and it is a slow, painful grind to find more workers. Just where I am at we see a few new people every week, but they are gone within a couple days or maybe a week or two at most.
    Supply chain always breaks down at the warehouse and distribution level, not so much the transportation level.
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    Guys, its the Covid!
    Longshoremen work FOR the Port of L.A. or Portland, or Seattle, Which makes them State Employees!
    Add in the restrictions of everything, the lockdowns, and the general way the country has handled covid! Truckers got screwed because the warehouses had to close, or do the social distancing, combined with ultra high demand for product while we were all locked down, they got hammered! The Rails are a fixed network, you cannot increase the numbers of trains running, the number of folks running them, and the amounts of freight being moved, if you ever counted on the railroads keeping up with anything, you counted wrong! Worse was the Ship crews themselves, for the last year and a half, none have been able to get off the ships, they have been stuck working with out contracts, or having to suffer less then ideal contracts to keep them working, they are not being allowed off the ships when they hit port, and over the course of the last almost two years, they have quit in YUGE numbers once they were able to get off the damn ships!

    Add in that fact that this giant circle jerk of Covid has YUGELY limited the movement of containers in, through, and out of the shipping terminals, the lack of shipping containers being returned to their freight origins, and you get what we have here!

    You think we got it bad, have a look at the really BIG terminals like Rotterdam or Antwerp, or Taiwan, there are Hundreds of ships waiting, Rotterdam at one point had almost 1000 waiting in que!
  9. Dont

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    Customs holding things up.
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    I have also heard (from someone who works in a shipping yard) it’s because of covid and restrictions in how many people are there to unload the ships.
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    Whenever the reason, this is bad news and reflects what is going on in almost all aspects of the supply chain for everything, everywhere.

    And, the question we should be asking is, "Why aren't representatives, bureaucrats, and administrators working as hard to normalize things as they were to stop/halt/turn off things during this so-called pandemic?"
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    This fall I planted a patch of greens (turnips, mustard, kale and rape) and I knew that I should have planted more. I need to top-off the propane tank and get some food...maybe get some seed at the CO-OP. I work at Rural King, a farm supply store, and we just packed up all of our garden seed and shipped it back, however we still have #50 bags of corn, oats, and wheat. Gotta go make a list and check it's a good thing that I got a raise and get a 15% discount!
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    I’m pretty sure the motivation is to make it look like the economic system doesn’t work and needs to be replaced. The same useful idiots that are keeping the system from working will be the ones with the bright ideas to fix it.
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  15. Seacowboys

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    A friend of mine owns a very successful little container sales Company. He buys Conex boxes that are unloaded and resells them to construction companies and the like. There has always been a steady supply of empty shipping containers but there seems to be a serious shortage of container flowing into the Port of Mobile. Prices have doubled on both ends.
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  16. HK_User

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    Yup a place in town usually has 15 to 20, all sizes and all are one trip containers. Ranchers and others use them for long term storage or for remote sites. Most lay a slab and bolt them down for Tornado protection. I'll slide by their place and see what the inventory is like.

    OTOH, supply and demand for now looks normal, but the JIT deal may bite us too.
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    I have ordered a bunch of stuff from Auguson. Better prices than Mountain House. Better quality than Wise.
    Hate to see them shutting down. Hopefully only temporary.
    Another casualty of the goobermint's fricked up covid misresponse.
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