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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by OffTheGridReady, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. OffTheGridReady

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    Ate a package of Jamaican Chicken from Backpackers Pantry tonight for dinner. That was some good stuff! Not a very long shelf life, but very good flavor.
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    Yup, Backpacker's Pantry makes some good stuff. I usually make a meal for my family and I when we are out in the wild- either boating, hiking, camping, etc. It's easy to make and only requires you to boil water- except for the cheesecake- and is a good reason to break out the pocket rocket.

    Mountain House also makes some good meals. My family is partial to the chili-mac and the beef stroganoff.

    Coleman's has come out with dehydrated meals in pouches, but I have yet to see any for sale at the local sporting goods stores. When I see them, I'll get a few to try.
  3. Turtle

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    I've bought a few of those mountain house meals myself ...all but 1 of them was pretty good the major drawback to them however was the cost. they average 5 to 8 $ in my part of Canada.Now Omitting the cost of a food dehydrator and a vacuum sealer ....which i plan to buy anyway.One could make their own versions of these little meals couldn't they ? Or am i just talking out of my my lower intestinal waste disposal chute ?
  4. gunbunny

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    Turtle check out dehydrate2store's videos on think You will like what she has to say I am telling you though now her videos are cut into parts 10 or 11 I believe thay are about 10 minutes each. So you can do your own ready to cook meals, and don't worry you are not talking out of your lower intestinal waste disposal chute...........LOL.[lolol][lolol][lolol][flag]
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