Balisong... my kind of fidget toy

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Hanzo, Jun 1, 2017.

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    My kind of fidget toy!

    In the early 90's, I had the privilege of training with Michael Janich. We were in the same Escrima and Muay Thai class. And that is when I first got to see a true expert with the Balisong. Michael wrote the book on it. Well, he actually did the instructional video with Paladin Press. I was blown away with the stuff he was doing. And impressed that he had all his fingers! The Balisong made its way out after classes. And it was always a great show.

    That's not Michael in this youtube video. But you can catch him on his TV show, The Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel.

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    Toys. You got that right. Just toys.
    The only practical use is, the blade can be stored inside the handle.

    I don't trust in "experts" who are often proclaimed to be the pinnacle of greatness. Just the same as any King who would have to announce, "I am the king, listen to me!" is really no King at all. The true power in any kingdom is who controls the creation of money and sets its value. There are countless heroes and professionals out there who never receive credit for their achievements, their greatness will never properly be recognized--but they do exist.
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    Michael teaches some pretty intense classes in personal defense with edged weapons. He is sponsored by Spyderco.
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    I had three of those when stationed in Subic Bay. Took me the three months, tied to the dock there, to just learn how to flip it open and closed...
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    Now we know how "Three Fingered Jack" got his name...

    Even if the knife may not suit your vision for protection or other practical use anything that improves your coordination and agility is always a bonus.
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    I have seen Phillipino boys that could cut you six ways to Thursday with a balisong before you could blink an eye.
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    What does it do? How well does it do it?

    This knife is made for Asian street gangs to use to intimidate people and to send messages. It was not made to kill people or for war and certainly not for any sort of game hunting/skinning or wood working. Personally, I don't see myself needing one of these but they are fun. I've had them before.
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    It would make a great fruit and cheese knife.... :whistle:
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    I have Jeff Imada's Ballisong Manual but I've never actually owned one...

    Here's a review of the book by cutlerylover. I imagine more than a few of you are subscribed to his YouTube channel.

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    Cool vid Hanzo. Thanks. :D
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