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    I was looking around today on a site that I know of that sells all kinds of books.They have a section for "Limited Stock" books that are 50% off.I was browsing through and was surprised first by the amount of titles.Something like 6 pages of them.And then by the quality.

    Several of these I have in my own survival library and I paid double and triple what they are selling them for.

    I urge all of you to check it out and take advantage of these deals.
    Some of the titles that I have and heartily rcommend are these;

    "Making The Best Of Basics"
    This is a classic and should be in any serious survivors bookshelf.It is great for beginners and for those who just want to live a more frugal lifestyle.I paid $34.95 for mine and this one is only $11.50!!

    "Ditch Medicine"
    Another classic!!Advanced field medicine with loads of life saving info.$ 12.50

    "Guide to Emergency Survival Communications"
    Prime info. a very important reference book.$ 10

    You can't beat these prices.

    Here are some other titles I recommend and some links.
    (These titles are not in the %50 off list.)

    "Where There is No Doctor"
    "Where There is No Dentist"
    "Emergency War Surgery"
    "Survivalists Medicine Chest"
    "Do-IT-Yourself Medicine"

    "Living Well on Practically Nothing"
    "Nuclear War Survival Skills"
    "Emergency Preparedness And Survival Guide"
    "US Army Survival Handbook"

    I know I am forgetting a lot.But these are a few that I personally own and have read and found to be very informative.

    Anybody else have some good books that you would recommend?
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    'Naked into the wilderness; primitive wilderness living and survival skills' by John and Geri McPhearson

    'Naked into the wilderness 2; primitive wilderness skills aplied and advanced' by John and Geri McPhearson
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