Barter in use in Greece...

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by dragonfly, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I believe barter will be wide spread in the US before too long.
    If you do it, just don't advertise, it can be a taxable transaction and the IRS want their cut of the action.

    Loose lips bring the tax man forth.
    Bartering Tax Center
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    Thinking of the old westerns, with the guy with the horse drawn wooden wagon, going from town to town (tinkerer?) I like it!
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    Had forgotten about the wagon pulled peddler, lb of cornmeal for chunk of ice, needles, thread, pots he bartered for fresh chickens, tomatoes, veggies. I gotta find me a wagon!
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    As things get tighter, the better stocked junkyards and antique shops are gonna do good business!
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    You would be surprised at how well they are doing in the US as we speak. Te economy sucks and bartering is alive and well in the US.

    Improvise, Adapt, Modify, and Overcome. FTM/PTB
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    Had a wagon once, it went down in that last flood at the shallow water crossing, along with the guns.

    So Sorry!
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    A lot of "Beg Borrow Barter" pages are cropping up on Facebook. I follow 2 "For Sale In " pages, a Freecycle one for a nearby city, and 2 "Beg Barter Trade" pages. I get egg cartons and mason jars from Freecycle, as well as a few fish tanks that we're using to set up a tilapia breeding room. I see a lot of resellable stuff come up on Freecycle as well, like bed frames, old TVs, etc. The barter pages are pretty active as well though people are still trying to figure out how to trade value for value. One lady has a post up wanting to trade yellow squash for a TV... good luck with that one. I'm trying to swap a couch for a 10/22 ATM. :)
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    Don't forget that you can barter your skills for stuff you might need/want. Examples are knife sharpening, reloading, etc. Just make sure that you do not barter on your home soil.......
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    Be very careful in Bartering Reloaded Ammunition... There are very precise ATF Rules and Regulations, on transferring ANY Reloaded Ammunition, from your possession, to another party, for ANY type of Remuneration.... If you get it wrong, it is a Felony, and Tax Evasion. They (ATF) take a very dim view of this sort of thing.... Very similar to Moonshining..... Same rules apply, if you get caught..........
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    might be time to learn how to make wagon wheels

    it makes me wonder how many of the older skill sets are lost or if they can come back
    things like wheel making, barrel making ( cooper), boilermaker, steam engineer............... etc etc
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