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    I just paid in the UK for a New UK Tactical Load Carrying Vest and Pouches.

    Also a Basha, yup both Desert but that's what I wanted.

    Vest was $9.99 and the Basha was $12.50.

    The key is to look on Ebay for private sellers, that has what you want and list that they do not ship outside the UK.

    Private sellers, for they are more likly to "Deal" where the Mil Supply folks could care less.

    Just ask if they will ship "Economy International Post", that is like our Parcel Post. The catch on this is that the items weight is limited, in my case the seller had to ship in three packages.

    My shipping came to twice what the product was but still a lot cheaper than any other way.

    I've done this before so I already know this is the "Slow Boat" shipping time but usually receive an item in about 3 weeks.
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    When I list on Ebay, I never ship outside the USA. I absolutely hate it when people ask me if their podunk mud hut village in Brazil counts as "Ships To: UNITED STATES".


    Better yet, I might start adding, "Ships to all English speaking countries except France and California."

    That should go over well.
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    And show us some pics! =)
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    This model has a few features I value more than other vest, pistol pocket for one and snap on 3 ltr CamelBak attachments. The CamelBak has to be a UK model but I have that also.

    British Desert DPM Osprey Assault Vest

    The British Desert DPM issue assault vest is the latest vest to be issued to the British Army deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by the popularity of the MOLLE system used on the Osprey armour covers, the vest is designated Vest Tactical Load Carrying Desert DPM. The vest can be worn on its own or over body armour. It combines the 25mm MOLLE system which is compatible with US MOLLE systems with the British Army issue General Ops vest features. The vest takes the waist coat design from the General Ops vest, and is fitted on the chest, waist and back with 25mm MOLLE PALS webbing with 40mm interval loops. The upper shoulders have vertically mounted 20mm MOLLE PALS webbing, spaced so that the gap between the 20mm straps can still be compatible with 25mm MOLLE systems. Each loop is individually triple stitched onto a British milspec cordura backing for durability under weighted loads. The rear MOLLE coverage is divided into three separate panel and webbing parts to allow for ventilation through the mesh base without compromising durability. The vest has four elasticated loops along the armward edge on each shoulder for attachment of comms gear and hydration tubes or other gear such as bungees or cord. The vest adjusts over the shoulders with a reduced profile velcro and interwoven MOLLE system which is hidden under the velcro down shoulder flap. The vest has double adjustment at the waist area, one on the lower back in the same manner as the General Ops vest, and an additional lace up type on both right and left mid-torso. The lacing is via thick elastic shock cord and plastic toggle which binds, while allowing for movement and quick adjustment when worn over body armour. The vest closes on the front of the body with three adjustable quick release buckles located at the chest, mid-torso and waist areas. These are mounted on the mesh backing which partially hides them so as not to intrude into the MOLLE PALS webbing on the front. It also allows the vest dump pockets left and right to be unzipped for quick ventilation without the need to remove the entire vest. The lower back of the vest's mesh backing can be velcro open to insert padding. The vest is fitted with four zip open dump pockets. Each zipper is a chunky zipper which resists dirt and is easier to clean and operate when dusty. The front dump pockets are half length and are designed for wallets, A6 document folders and similarly shaped items. The rear dump pocket opens onto the mesh backing and can be used to ventilate the vest as well as storing larger documents or items. The right side rear dump pocket is fitted with a mesh pocket and two 40mm grenade pouches. The rear of the vest is fitted with four 20mm positive quick release clips for attaching a bergen side pocket. The Webtex and Kombat single day packs are also compatible. A velcro down carry handle is fitted to the top of the back of the vest. The British Army Osprey Tactical Vest is one of the most advanced pieces of personal carrying equipment in use by the British forces. Made of British Army milspec 1000D texturised Cordura and rot resistant nylon mesh. NSN 8415994614933.
    UK Tactical Load Carrying Vest -Desert Pattern.
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    Nice features.
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    That's a nice looking tactical vest HK
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    Great deals
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