Basic exMIL BOV... If you can afford the fuel....

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by BTPost, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Very nice.
  3. ghrit

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    That'll pull a log outa the woods.
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    A place I go to purchase "items" has removed one set of rear wheels on a 6x, cut down the bed and made other mods to have a rough duty "pick up".

    Trucks Picture in the Upper Left Corner
  5. BTPost

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    Back in the Day, a Commune I was part of, had a Korean War surplus Weapons Carrier, built on a Military version of the Dodge PowerWagon. Engine was a FlatHead Six, driving a 6X6 Drivetrain, and a PTO Winch on the Front. We installed Warn Hubs on the Front Axles, and removed the Rear Driveline between the two Rear Axles, to make it a 6X2 on the Highway, and 6X4 Off-Road, and if things got REALLY BAD, we reinstalled the removed Driveline, and had 6X6 drive. The rig had a Nice Box, on the Back, that we fitted with a couple of bunks, and storage Lockers. Made a Great Off-Road Camper, and Base of Operations. I mounted an old Motorola commercial VHF 4 Ch Radio in it. Two Ham Channels, a common LE Channel, and a USFS Channel. It was used, a lot, by the local SAR Group, as a Command Post.
  6. HK_User

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    Sounds like it was one of the older RADIO trucks.
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    Wish I had it, still, but it did inspire me to buy My "Pig" ... a 1955 Dodge PowerWagon Panel Truck. Was a civilian version of the same basic Running Gear. Had Warn Hubs on the Front Axle, FlatHeat 6 Engine, PTO Winch, Compound Low (Granny) Gear, plus 3 Speed Tranny, Two Gear Transfer Case, and 4.88 & 4.87 Differentials. Would make 55 MPH on the Highway with a tailwind, and could climb trees. Got 10 MPG, going Up or Down Hills, Loaded, or Empty, and had a 10 USG Fuel Tank. When I left town for a Road Trip, I would fill 8 ea. 5USG JerryJugs with 4 on the Front Bumper, and 4 on the Rear Bumper, just to make it between Gas stations. Gas only cost $.35/USG back then.... courted Alaskachick, and Put 100K Miles on the Pig before then engine blew.... sold it to a Pear Farmer in Eastern Washington. He repowered it and it is still running out on the farm, last I checked, two years ago...
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    That is a monster rig, but it can not be driven off the lot, it would have to be towed or carried. scrap value alone would be more than a thousand. i know our city gets about $600. for scrapping a car.
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    Ah, but once you got it "Off the Lot" you could get a Road Permit to transport it anywhere you like, with the caveat, that you might need to have Escort Vehicles, both Front and Rear, depending on the State Statutes, for the States you are moving thru.... Certainly NOT Impossible....
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    Missed a Unimog when I picked up my M38 only so much $$$ to go around, Toys, he who dies with the most wins.
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    That's a fact. I'm looking for a MB or GPW to restore right now, so no heavy vehicles for me, the wife would have a fit :)
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    I watched one of these in action last spring. The unit was a firetruck and was responding to a forrest fire. It managed some very tight terrain between the trees. Needless to say, I was VERY impressed.
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