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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Sharpie44, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Remember, you asked:

    I think....

    Total rip off, and not the gear you'd want to have anyway.
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    lol got to love the truth. I agree with your take Nomad
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    +1, and besides, today's general issue field gear is a lot better and lighter weight, and the last time i was issued a shelter half and three poles was back in '87. Much better and lighter stuff available at a much more reasonable price.

    As a side note, I have a sealed heavy plastic bottle full of "Pool Shok" chlorine crystals for water disinfection. The cost of the packet it came in was aroun $5.00 and can treat up to 5,000 gallons of water for drinking.
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    Check the pool shock crystal ingredients. Some of them are not compatible with drinking. Chlorine is one thing, if you wait a while, it goes away. Not necessarily so if there is hypochlorite or bromine in it. (Bet you did, but other readers, maybe not so much.)
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    FYI, bleach is sodium hypochlorite
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    Ooops, you are right about chlorine type pool sanitizers. However, there are often stabilizers added which aren't quite as innocuous.
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    I find those prices a tad bit out there!
    I can get 99% local, and no shipping fees, for less than half of those prices....
    I get a lot of my stuff from Major Surplus, or Sportsman's Guide, AFTER I check the pricing on several sites and locally..
  9. [freedom]My friend posted a link to help promote my new business. Here are the facts on "RETAIL PRICES" and "your" prices as a consumer.

    Ok, so you think the price is high. I am a small surplus dealer and do not have the Millions of Dollars that CTD and Sportsman Guide have so I pay alot more for my Surplus and make a much smaller profit per item. I also have to pay for my site, my Tech guy, advertising and a small warehouse. The guy who posted is volunteering to help me for free, as I have no money to pay him yet. Gun shows in Ohio charge $50.00 per table or more to set up. You need 3-5 Tables per show and everyone there thinks you should give the stuff away.

    I do not create the Retail Price List. If you think the suggested retail price is too high- Blame the Wholesale dealer for giving out "SUGGESTED RETAIL VALUE". I clearly listed those prices as "Retail value, not the price I am charging.
    The Ruck Sack Frame is listed at $79.00 from The Fire Starters go from $5.99 to $19.99. Would I pay $19.99- NO, and few would, but, then again-that is the "Suggested Retail Price". If you look around, others list suggested retail prices also. In fact, Flying Tigers sell their CFP 90 for $399.99 and list Retail as $450.00. Mine sell for $179.99
  10. I hope no one takes my response the wrong way, I just think the rude comments were uncalled for and wanted to clarify the difference between suggested retail and the price the consumer pays. As far as finding stuff cheaper, go ahead and buy it for the best price you can. I try to sell for as low as I can. Again- I find it hard to compete w/ Milliion Dollar Companies w/ the ability to buy 10,000 pieces to my 100. My prices are far from the TOP end of the pricing spectrum.
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    OP said "tell us what you think"
    we did.
    Don't blame the consumer because he can get the same thing someplace else cheaper or try and justify your price, it won't work in the eye of the consumer. Instead try to sell your customer service or quality, something that adds value and sets you apart from the guys.

    Good luck friend,
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    No offense, but I live on a "limited" income and have to make every dollar account for something "tangible", or go without eating....
    I understand the economics of it all.....
    Trouble is, it's NOT going to get much better in the near future I'm afraid either!
    I have to "shop around" to get the best deal I can , when I can.
    Sometimes you have to pay regardless of the price, as it doesn't get cheaper!
    Like: when was the last time you saw a brick of 500 or a 650 ct "special bonus" brick of .22 lr ammo for only $7.99?
    Then it went to $11.99, then up to well over $20.00!
    It is, what it is!
    Good luck!
  13. E.L.

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    Welcome to the forum. Spend a little time on the site when such allows, and get to know the members a little. I would expect that in short time with interaction with other forum members you would be able to determine what some of the member wants, needs, and desires are. As such then you could let us know what you have to fill those wants, needs, and desires on a more personal and specialized basis. We have many members here who are current or ex-military and LEO's. We also have a large contingent of outdoorsmen (and women) who may be interested in your products. I have no doubt that many including I, do not mind paying a little more for a product when we know the person selling it, if it is indeed the product that we want, need, or desire. So spend a little time here, and the response you get may be far different.
    Once again, welcome to SM.
  14. Tracy

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    I agree with E.L. I'll help support a friend or fellow member long before I'll support an anonymous company. :)
  15. dragonfly

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    Works for me!
  16. I thank most of you for your comments. I understand that you may be hesitant to buy from someone you do not know. I have read postings on here and many other sites for a while, I just never became a member of any except for

    Eric posted my site here because he has been a member for some time and does know about some of you. He has told me about the advice and information he has gained from some of the members here.

    I will tell you a little about myself. As in most blogs, someone will inevitably have something rude or stupid to say, or tell me I am making excuses and trying to justify something.

    Here it is anyway.
    Joined Cub Scouts, then Boy Scouts
    Started buying Army stuff in preeteens.
    Went to Camp Perry for Small Arms firing School every Summer, went Fishing on Lake Erie, ran a small roofing repair business and Bait shop in my Grandparents garage
    Joined Army age 17.
    College at U of Akron
    Turned 20 in Desert during first deployment- Desert Shield/ Desert Storm
    College at U of Akron
    Managed businesses for other people
    Police Academy/ Police Commission/ part time LEO
    Detention Center
    Full time LEO/Part time LEO, Contract Guard for U.S.M.S
    Army for Homeland Defense, back to P.D,
    OIF 1 in Iraq, back to P.D.
    OIF 3 in Iraq
    Heavy Equipment School
    College at U of Akron
    Marketing Research for Surplus Business
    Contracts with Distributors
    Launched and Storm Surplus- still serving Army and community as LEO

    Family-1 Wife, 1 Son
    Pets-2 Cats, 1 Turtle
    Hobbies- Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Canoeing, Hiking if knees cooperate.

    Career- U.S.Army Reserves [freedom] , Business Owner

    Christopher Storm
  17. [beer] Before I forget, you can type Monkey in coupon code box for a discount on orders more than $30.00[patr][patr][patr][patr][patr]
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    Surplus? I am on a quest to find two more Kanaar Stripped M-79 receivers for title 1 weapons. Will trade turtle food, money, or most anything else.
  19. I will be adding new items this week.
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    Sorry, you can beat those prices by buying volumes of one.

    Best of luck and all... but don't Piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

    If your buddy had not asked for a response I'd of kept my mouth shut.

    I'll go work on that now.:D
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