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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ExHelot, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I just read about a very tragic case of a father and two young sons dying from hypothermia. The day began warm enough for a day hike, 60F but, ended in avaoidable tragedy when the weather turned. Illinois father and two sons freeze to death during hike| Reuters
    This wasn't fall in the Rocky's, it was Illinoise.
    All I could think, besides the tragedy of the situation, was, a few ounces of gear could have saved them. An emergency blanket, fire-starting kit, a couple of candy bars and maybe one of those cheap fleece blankets that weigh in at less than a pound, could have made all the difference.
    Geez, what does it take to carry just a couple of ounces in a pocket? What does it take for people to recognize that s**t does happen?

    Anyone got a short list of casual carry survival items to share?
  2. ghrit

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    You left off water, gloves, spare socks, and a map of the hike area. Other than that, you have it covered for short term, tho' I'd substitute a space blanket for the fleece. (And, of course, telling someone where you intend to be hiking.)
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  3. JABECmfg

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    If it's cold enough to carry gloves, I'd want a warm hat too. Just a beanie or balaclava, they roll up small (fit in jacket pocket) and weigh next to nothing. Even a bandana would be better than nothing.
  4. Airtime

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    Another tragic example of the rule of threes. One will often not survive beyond:
    3 weeks without food
    3 days without water
    3 hours without shelter
    3 minutes without air
    3 seconds without being decisive and smart (ie. being slow and stupid)

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  5. ghrit

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    Yep, I didn't mention it. Probably because I forgot, and have a hat on at just about all times to keep my noggin from radiating any more heat.

    Carry on ---
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  6. ExHelot

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    Good suggestion. The few items could be stuffed into a cap of some kind quite easily. The weather was apparently warm enough at the start and then it rained. Once they got wet it was pretty much over because the temp dropped down into the twenties that night. They were wearing windbreakers and who knows what else. Cotton as in denim is less than desirable when wet.
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  7. CATO

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    All great suggestions. If I go out (and especially if I had my kids) in a remote location, I always carry my SPOT Messenger. Yeah, it's a gadget, but just another tool available that might save your life.
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  8. TheEconomist

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    [​IMG]and a 7 liter day pack to put it in.
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  9. oldawg

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    How long would it have taken him to just pick up a small emergency pack,slung it over his shoulder,and proceeded out the door on an adventure with his kids? He was an idiot and it killed his kids. I feel for his family. Him?Not so much. jmho
  10. ExHelot

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    The guy was definitely complacent. You can go to any state or national park and see the same complacency in thousands of people throughout the year. I carry a haversack whenever I hike, even in fairly busy areas like the game refuge/recreation area down the road from me. I always assume that something could happen and I may have to spend the night. It doesn't eat at me or even give me pause, it's just that facts are facts. I point out to people that they carry insurance and yet they don't expect their homes to burn down. Maybe if fanny packs were back in style (G*d forgive me) more people would carry a few emergency items.
  11. HK_User

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    I carry a set of single ply Gore-Tex hooded top and bottom.

    This after I thought I'd bought the farm in a tropical mountain top hiking trip. You ain't lived till you've experienced a night out in the rain at 4000 feet in a tropical down pour.

    Not to mention a Bike trip from coast to coast in late winter, snow, sleet, rain and near hypothermia. I Used news papers to insulate but to little effect.

    Always looking for a better way to stay warm
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  12. Motomom34

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    Wow, this just reminded me that I took my winter stuff from the car and it has been frigid lately. It was 4 degrees on my way home from work yesterday, had I had to walk I would have froze. This is a reminder always be prepared.
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  13. brandonnash

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    I am warm natured. I wear shorts most of the time year round at home and out running errands. When going from home to work (nearly an hour drive) I rarely wear anything more than my uniform cargo pants and polo style shirt. In the fall and winter I ALWAYS have at least one more layer of clothing in the car whether its lighter like a pullover or up to my heavy parka. I always keep a couple bottles of water in the trunk and extra cigarette lighters in the console. Never leave home without my knife either. Those are the things that never leave me.

    I could beef up with a couple extra things but I figure that with those things I could last in the worst weather Tennessee can throw at me for at least long enough to make it to a house or business of some sort.
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  14. HK_User

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    We made a short road trip yesterday and made it back home by 2000.

    Two couples in the car, I had packed a set of lined jeans, gortex parka w liner, and lined boots, heavy gloves. I made sure an extra gortex parka was there for my wife. The other couple had only light weight jackets. Thirty degrees when we left and 28 when we got back.

    And they say I'm into over kill!!!
  15. kellory

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    I'm a hunter, so it is second nature to have a pack with me anytime I am in the woods. 3L hydro bladder, sheath knife, 50'X1/2" rope, 100' 1/4" two space blankets, surveyor's tape, fire starting kit, 1 cargo strap, napril(surgical gloves) carbide knife sharpener(small as my pinkey finger) spare boot laces, 1 pair wool socks, Engineer's compass, three bags beef jerky, plastic potting spade, 1 roll TP(bagged) camo poncho, Balaclava, 1 pair camo shooting gloves, aaa flashlight, weather radio/solar/handcrank w/ phone charger.(made by eton/ microlink FR 150) 1 thinsolite jacket, binos, calls, bright-eyes, 1 carabiner (rated 800lbs,black diamond) on my keys, gerber multi-tool (with tool kit) and Terralux lightstar300, on my belt at all times,(even in church), and anytime it is cool enough for a jacket, there is a lighter in my pocket. Plus my cell phone has GPS.
    In my work truck there is a propane 1000BTU blackcat heater tucked behind the seat in case of auto problem (has happened before) with 3 1lbs cans, and a lighter. There is also a back-packer's hammock (rolls to the size of a baseball) tucked in with the heater for sack time while I wait, and I have 4 recorded books to listen to on my phone's microSD card.
    If I need help lighting a fire while I wait, there is also the oxy/acetylene torchset in the back box. I have recently decided to add my revolver and a box of bullets. i think i'm covered.
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  16. ExHelot

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    Awesome but, you forgot to include a satellite tv.[bow]
  17. kellory

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    This pack is with me when I scout or hunt. The dish COULD go on the truck.....o_O
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  18. Mechwolf

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    you could mount one on your tactical wheel barrow :p
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  19. kellory

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    Sorry, friend....but that sound like the stupidest piece of hardware anyone could dream up, and one of these days, I will have to read why he thought that was a good idea. :rolleyes:
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    You needed to be here in the days of Gunkid, read some old post of his, classic troll, but entertaining read if you have nothing else to do. I hear he's out of the old graybar hotel, anybody know if it's true? If so I'm waiting for a reappearance so I can witness firsthand the depths of his knowledge he will share with us
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