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    One day when
    One day, when i am truly bored, I will. Now, Mechwolf, If I'm hunting, add my GPS, Gambrel, and pocket hoist,(about a pound ) drag rope, and what ever weapon is in season at the time. The rest of the gear is left in the truck. I have quite a lot of hunting gear, and outfit 4-6 other hunters as needed on different hunts. I've been hunting just about as long as I could walk, I'm just getting started with prepping, but they have alot in common.
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    And probably will have more as things progress.[patr]
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    Chicks always dig a "well equipped" boyfriend.
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    But in this case both Chick and Boyfriend made some really bad decisions that could have cost others their lives during a search.
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    Errr . . . it was a distasteful joke about the headline.
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    Ah well maybe she was a Goth Girl that liked to mix her dark elements of horror, romance and risk taking with out door sports.

    Can You Dig It?
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    always carry a bag. I have a small bag for short term and a large pack for long term. In my small bag (a fieldline shooter's bag) with basic medical such as a tube of antibiotic cream, anti itch cream and antiseptic wipes/liquid + bandagesand blood stopper a powder that stops bleeding. Three mylar blankets. magnesium fire starter and of course a bic lighter. a small container of vasiline because when applied to cotton makes a great fire starter. two descent knives and small multitool. cordage lots of cordage. snare wire(#4) enough for 6 snares. water purification filter and a container to drink from. I think that hits the high spots give or take. I grew up trapping and hunting my grandpa always told me, Make sure what you have on you will keep you alive. thats my two cents
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    If any of the Monkeys have gone on Cross-Country or Multi-Day Motorcycle road trips, They should post theirs preps.
    It's amazing what you can fit into a tankbag, backpack, saddlebags and/or jacket pockets. Hell, under the seat, tucked into the fairing, inside body panels etc.

    Motorcycle monkey, whatcha pack for:
    A day trip ?
    Multi-state journey ?

    When I rode, it was simple tools for bike, multi tool, dry clothes, wet gear, multitool, duct tape, wire, zip ties, couple mylar space blankets, water, energy bars, med kit (basics but added forceps, finger spint, medical gloves, small bottle of betadine and blood stopper and couple of absorbent pads, ace bandage) map, camera, cell phone, bee sting kit, cold pack, hand warmers. That was in the tank bag. There might have been some OTHER stuff but ;)

    In the jacket pockets, there were spark plugs (just in case i foul the platinum ones on the bike ;) )

    There may have been other stuff in the boots and even maybe under the seat and affixed to the inside of the fairing but .. you know, that was a long time ago and I don't remember what those were. ;)
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    Coast to Coast.

    Always carry at least a lean to shelter device(lack of a better descriptor). In this I refer to a combo wind/sun shelter that covers the bike and rider to a large extent. I used a modified/cut up USN Life Raft top and carried an aluminum expandable tent post (actually it was an US Army hold open arm for an electrical enclosure) this allowed me to always have some type of shelter, be it in the high desert or in the pine woods of the Carolinas.

    Water proof Top is long gone but the post is still with me. You could make do with a expandable walking staff but what I have is super strong and you can actually lean a bike on it and stake the whole thing down for really high winds.
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    day trips and multi-state.
    Bedroll and baker tent, tarp. rolled on the front forks (waterproof) I used the bike and a stake for a ridge line for the tarp. bike had it's own cover. fishing kit under one side cover. tools under the seat in the well, hunting pack on the seat back listed above), and spare clothes, jacket, food, and camp stove in the saddlebags. quarterstaff/ walking pole bungied to the seat back. i like mountains, beaches and deserts best. i would love to tour Ireland and Scotland on a bike.
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    Back in my late teens until around 30 or so I always drove old muscle cars and/or Chevy trucks. Due to their burning desire to break down on holiday Saturdays at 3 am in bad neighborhoods (or in the middle of I75 in south Dallas, or between Midland and nowhere), I always carried enough parts to rebuild/replace just about anything or at least patch it to hold until I could get home. A few road cones and flares. Also kept changes of clothing, water, food, flashlights, blankets, TP, vet wrap, everything.

    Since I have gotten older, and started driving newer, less hysterical vehicles, I've gotten pretty lax about keeping the car stocked. ATM I have jumper cables, road flares, tranny/brake fluid, several cans of fix-a-flat (which I just realized, is that ok in nitrogen filled tires???), two good blankets, a pair of socks, and a 4-way lug wrench. That's it. I don't even have a good floor jack, just that sorry one that came with the truck. Not real impressed with myself but will start going through it this month and getting it stocked up right.
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    Don't worry about it. The whole nitrogen thing has been a fairly successful ploy to extract more money from the unknowing customers. There is no significant benefit to 100% nitrogen as opposed to custom 80% nitrogen mix created especially for us by God. (I can go into the science if you want or just accept that the nitrogen pitch is BS.)

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    Truck was like that when I got it, didn't think much of it until just now.... thanks.
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    I always have a gun and knife on me, People dont think about it but if you pull the bullet and fire the casing into the powder and tinder you get fire. Those two items are a must even when I am not planning on going into the woods.
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    I know it's true you can't survive more than 3-4 days without water. I think there may be exceptions now and then, but very rare. My old aunt, her boyfriend of age 85 had a stroke and earlier had signed papers not to do anything to preserve his life. So they had to ship him off to hospice and there he laid for nine days and finally died. He could not even be given any water, either not allowed to or could not swallow i forget. But he laid there for 9 days without any water at all. I was shocked he lived that long. This would be extremely rare i think. I wake up in the morning with my mouth so dry it feels like cobwebs! Dentist said our saliva stops while we sleep. I keep a bottle of water by my bedside.
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    Just shameful that a grown man would take his kids into the wilderness w/o proper gear. Just a simple leaf pile would have kept them warm especially if they huddled together. These deaths are more than just carelessness. He snuffed out two young lives because he did not know or use some simple survival tools/skills. We keep survival blankets in everything and it is easy to drop one into pockets.
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    Seems to me a Darwinian win...

    But then, I'm not known for my sympathy for idiots. :rolleyes:
  20. My Grandfather was born in 1908 and sometime in the late 1970's he told me:

    That before I go into the mountains I need to know the weather for the next 24hrs, I need to have told someone where I am going and I should take with me - a knife, a zippo, water, handkerchief, proper clothing and a stick. He was very serious about those rules and I still follow the spirit of those rules today.
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