Beartooth Off Grid Network For Your Smartphone

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Mountainman, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Anyone researched this and/or have thoughts on it.

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    There was a thread earlier this year on it, here BearTooth is now accepting PreOrders..... | Survival Monkey Forums

    What I know sounds about right. It uses the 902-928 MHz spectrum (aka 33 cm radio band). I have purchased (pre-ordered) 4 of these guys, because I think it would be invaluable for a family or a small group on a farm or plot of land should the SHTF and cell towers are out.
    I do have my doubts about pre-orders. But in this case I put my money down.

    Other thoughts?

    EDIT: for more info on the 902-928 Mhz spectrum, see 33-centimeter band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  3. BTPost

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    I also have two on PreOrder.... They will compliment my SECURE Phones for Encrypted Comms in my local AO.... I can afford to lose the money, if they go Vaporware....
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  4. Bandit99

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    So...your mobile talks to the Beartooth device, using Bluetooth, which in turns talks to other Beartooth device over the 900Mhz spectrum that is also connected to other users mobile phones. So, Beartooth is acting like a relay/repeater of sort...doesn't say the power level but says 5 miles for voice, 10 for data/text. So, if the mobile network goes down one still have local comms with the group even if it is only for 5 miles. But, the more people that have them and the more those people are spread out means the farther your network extends. That security encryption would be darn handy and I would bet one probably needs to be in the group. $150 for two isn't too bad if they work at all...

    Perhaps one of you guys can do a quick review when you receive one? I would be interested in the range your getting...
  5. Mountainman

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  6. Mountainman

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    @Bandit99 - Posted the below on the other thread and want to let you know in case you don't see it over there.

    "Beartooth works with iPhone 5/s/c, 6/s/Plus, and Android phones running Android 5.0 or above."
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  7. hitchcock4

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    Today I received an email update from Beartooth. It includes a $10 coupon for the Beartooth (available to anyone).
    Here is the link to the $10 off when you order:

    Also, here is the rest of the email, along with 1 image they included. The rest of this post is taken from their update email.

    EDIT: I just tried the link myself -- After you press Order Now, it will show the prices. Above the price it will have "You will save $10 using coupon". Thanks

    We wanted to reach out to you, one of our 3,000 and counting awesome backers, to update you on our progress.

    You have told us that Beartooth is better with friends. Give this code to your closest friends and family to save $10 and get $10 for yourself.
    Importantly, we are still on track to ship on our original timeline, starting in late 2016 (December). For those of you that prefer to skim your inbox, feel free to skip the rest of this message and we look forward to shipping out your Beartooths in a few months.

    For those who like a bit more detail, we made sure to include more below.

    3,000 backers have enthusiastically supported Beartooth. Each day we see the excitement and engagement steadily grow through your word of mouth. Thank you.

    While many extended days were spent in the office ensuring that we ship a great product on time, we did manage to spend a few days outside in the beautiful Big Sky summer testing Beartooth in and around Bozeman, MT. Several pre production samples were successfully tested with excellent voice, text, and location sharing results.

    Beartooth also spent some time in the lab. Here is Beartooth on the network analzser validating our proprietary internal antenna:
    As we write this, production quantities of long lead-time parts are being ordered and production tools are being cut. We then scale up our production, initially making hundreds of units, and then thousands, as all phases of manufacturing and testing are validated.

    We look forward to starting shipments at the end of the year. It may take several weeks to work through the entire backlog

    For those who want to check in more frequently, we welcome your questions at; many of you have asked us to keep the updates to a minimum in an effort to minimize email clutter.

    Thank you!
    The Beartooth Team

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  8. stg58

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    I received the same email today I am still concerned that the app is not available yet and the picture could be a remote control..

    Beartooth also spent some time in the lab. Here is Beartooth on the network analzser validating our proprietary internal antenna
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  9. techsar

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    When they first came out, the plan was to include ham, MURS, or GMRS compatibility. They have ditched that, made it into a separate unit (rather than attaching to the phone) and have passed up every deadline they have put out to the public.
    I have given up on their vaporware and moved on.
  10. Bushcrafter

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    I've been following them for a while, I'm very interested in these for my classes and SAR ops.

    Currently I give groups a BaoFeng UV-5R set to MURS for emergencies, but having the ability to track group's progress, and possibly send updated information would be awesome.

    I'm very skeptical of these preorder types. The previous beartooth cradle was not held in very high regard, and the GoTennas have likewise had their fair share of disappointed users.

    While the deal price is inciting, I want to wait and get some field reports before I end up with $1000 worth of paperweights.
  11. BTPost

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    Back in the Day, when I was designing a SAR Comms/Command Vehicle for the local SAR/Ham Group.... We had Search Team Leaders outfitted with Gamin Rhino Units, that reported Positions, automatically, and regularly, back to the Command Vehicle on FRS/GMRS Frequencies.... This worked pretty well in our area due to most SAR Incidents happening in Rugged Terrain, and usually at distances of less than a 5 miles.... All the GPS Data was plotted on a USGS Mapping System that ran on a Laptop in the Vehicle. this allowed the Incident Commander, (Alaska State Trooper) to see the locations of, and areas searched, as well as the Tracks, the Team Leaders, took to search their areas. Comms from the Team members to the Team Leader were done on both Ham Frequencies, as well as FRS/GMRS Frequencies... The Command Vehicle had the capability to interconnect all the Frequencies, (Ham, FRS/GMRS, State Police, EMS, and Fire) being used during the duration of the Incident, should the Incident Commander require such Interconnection, to facilitate the conclusion of the Incident.

    Now days, this could be done, easily, with HAM APRS, with the greater Range, and Band selections, available... or even APRS Hardware connected to ANY Radio System, designed to be interfaced to the APRS Modem/GPS Units.... My Kenwood TM-D72A
    Vhf/Uhf, 5 Watt Handheld, has the required capability built-in, as does many other Handhelds and Mobiles (Kenwood TM-D710 Series Vhf/Uhf 50Watt Mobile) built by other OEMs. The technology is basically "Off the Shelf" and has been for the last Decade.

    BearTooth is a great concept, (and I have two on order) but they are limited by the PART15 902-928 Mhz Power limitations imposed on the RF portion of the devices, as well as the Antenna Limitations. Now if these were Licensed under Part97 one could use External Antennas, and operate at the 10watt Power Level, which would be nice. HOWEVER, In my estimation the emerging DMR Digital Ham, Dual Band Radios, now coming on the Market, with a IP Connection to a iPad, or other such device, would be a better Hardware lashup, and provide more diverse functionality to the Users....
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